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  • Quickbooks Replacement But Way Easier Than QuickBooks
  • Completely, 100% Free
  • Sign Up Free & Start Your Migration

Say goodbye to Quickbooks. Save yourself $60 a month---switch to free WAVEAPPS which allows you to import your bank account data and assign it into buckets---this is the nature of all tax management practices. Why use features you don't need? Start making the migration to WAVEAPPS today.


  • Points and Punch based Loyalty Solutions with Standard & VIP levels
  • Loyalty Solutions flexible with multiple gift levels, throttles for earning for discounts and low cost products
  • Birthday, VIP, Expiring Gifts, Customer Purchase History and more
  • Auto-Invite & Auto-Counting available through PayPal, Square, Shopify, Piphany & Bless.
  • Email all customers up to 10 times a week & use smart lists like VIPs and customers that haven't shopped in 60 days
  • Exchanges, Gifts, Credits & Giveaways Tracked & Managed
  • Your own website page, Join Your Team & blog with no technical experience required.
  • Small Business Texting with no monthly commitment or fixed tiers and low per message rates
  • Facebook Live Assistant Shopping Bot Included with Pro

All of the best tools in one, value bundle. The Loyalty Rewards Standard & Pro are a suite of services designed to grow your local and online sales business. If you are a direct sales consultant looking for tools to reward your customers, communicate with your customers effectively, create a presence on the web easily and track giveaways, returns & credits, this may be a great solution. They even include solutions to allow you to sell fast and efficiently with just you on FB Live.