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Direct Sales Aid offers one of the most comprehensive and in depth directories of Direct Sales Companies available online. Our list of companies only provides party plan companies that have sworn to uphold the standards and ethical business practices as defined by the DSA Code of Ethics. In our directory you will easily be able to find the core fundamental and essential information you are looking for in your desired direct selling company. If you cannot find information you are looking for, or see information you beleive to be incorrect, we highly encourage anyone to leave feedback, or suggest a direct sales company to be added to our list.

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DirectSalesAid.com brings Direct Sales Consultants and their corresponding companies together online. Whether you are a Direct Sales Rep looking for a unique advertising opportunity, or a customer looking to find a specific consultant or rep in your area to purchase product from or get more information on certain Direct Sales Opportunities, DirectSalesAid has what you need.

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Direct Sales Training is a huge part of becoming truly successful in Direct Sales. Direct Sales Aid connects Direct Sales Coaches & Trainers with reps looking to take their Direct Sales Business to the next level; whether it be for one-on-one training between rep and coach, or a Direct Sales Leader looking to develop training for their downline, our list of Direct Sales Coaches is invaluable to Direct Sales Consultants as well as the coaches and trainers listed looking to expand their business.

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It never hurts to receive free tips and training for any business, including Direct Sales. This is why DirectSalesAid has developed a system and online community for anyone involved with Direct Selling to share and receive FREE Direct Sales Tips & Training online. Everyone has unique, helpful information to share with others, whether it be business tips, online marketing tips, or personal tips. Our direct sales tips and training section offers tips and training from all direct sales walks of life ranging from Consultants to Coaches, and Speakers to Direct Sales Experts. You will receive priceless information all for FREE.

Helpful Information on Direct Selling

What is Direct Sales?

Direct selling is essentially the method of selling products and services directly to consumers. Under this method of distribution, goods and services are sold without the presence of a "fixed" retail location. Over the years, direct sales has evolved to include various methods of marketing, though the most predominant method still remains to be person-to-person selling. Direct selling has significantly expanded its horizons over the past decades and has managed to keep up with the changing trends of the marketplace, advertising, and technology. Now, there are over 60 million direct sales representatives in the world and almost half of this number comes from the United States. Sales representatives of direct sales companies are often referred to as independent sales consultants and other titles, depending on the company's structure and product base.

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