Pampered Chef News

Re-entering our communities

Let's keep cooking at home
We are getting closer to "back to normal" and venturing into the community and back to work, keeping our social distancing and following the safety guidelines. Meeting friends for lunch and social ev...

Are you getting Cabin Fever?

Home cooking to fill us with love
Have you done all your projects? Finished the jig saw puzzle? Played all the board games with the family over and over? How about taking this time during Shelter in Place to cook with your children....

Join Pampered Chef for $19.80

Start Your Own Business Today!
WOW!!!!!! That’s crazy! Pampered Chef started 40 years ago in 1980. We are celebrating by offering a new consultant kit for only $19.80 until April 15th (very clever PC)!!! You literally have nothing...

How Can You Help during Shelter in Place

50% Party
Have you been at home for over a week now? Tried all your favorite family recipes? Looking to expand your cooking skills and branch out a little to keep yourself and your family healthy and safe? I...

Pampered Chef Offers 3 New Reasons to Host A Pampered Chef Party in January

PC Party 2020
Ring in the new year with a party that will help hosts and their guests stick to their resolutions and stock up their kitchens.1. Hosts get more for free. This January, host rewards stretch even furth...

Holiday Gifts Sets

Pampered Chef Holiday Gift Sets
Check Out the Pampered Chef Holiday Gift Sets!Have you seen the new holiday gift sets? These specially curated sets have all the tools and accessories to cook, bake, and entertain this holiday season...

Pampered Chef Heritage Month

Pampered Chef New Consultant
New Consultant Offer for our Heritage Month in celebration of 39 years in business! Our heritage is bigger than any one story—it’s all of our stories together, the impact we’ve made, and lives we’ve c...

Pampered Chef's New Consultant Offer For August Features New Consultant Incentives

Pampered Chef August 2019
Have you been considering starting your own Pampered Chef business? Great news! Pampered Chef is offering a full kit rebate for joining in August 2019. Here is how it works:1. Sign up and pick one of...

Become a Pampered Chef Consultant in August for FREE

Ultimate Pampered Chef Kit
Join in August for FREE* Ask me how!How many times have you heard someone say how much they love Pampered Chef, or how many times have you said it yourself? And wouldn’t it be great to make money talk...

May Host Earn 60% Off Anything - Help Whip Cancer Month!

May Host Special
May is a great time to host Pampered Chef parties. We have two great May-only incentives: Hosts can get 60% off any of our products or sets including our cooking line and Forged Knife sets - and who d...

New Spring Kit - Join My Team Today!

New Summer Kit for May Consultants ONLY
So excited to announced that The Pampered Chef is offering a special-edition New Spring Kit for only $39. Plus, you can earn 50% of the cost back in your first 30 days, too! The Summer Launch Kit has...

Join A Pampered Chef Team For Only $29 In September

Pampered Chef Consultant Kit Sample
Act fast. In September, you now have an amazing opportunity to join a Pampered Chef team for only $29. This is a first time every incentive from Pampered Chef to open the door to those that may have h...

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