New Pampered Chef Products Releasing 9/1/2020

New Pampered Chef Products Releasing September 1, 2020

Summer goes away as quickly as it came, and soon it’s time to head back to school—whatever that looks like this year. In between all the back-to-school activities, parents need to get creative with quick breakfast ideas, healthy lunches and snacks, and easy-but-satisfying dinners. This is the time when Pampered Chef shines with products and recipes to make it all happen.

So many things have changed, but this remains true: The simple act of preparing and sharing a meal enriches our lives in so many ways—then, now, always. From sharing timesaving tips and thoughtful tools to delicious recipes, as a consultant with Pampered Chef, I take pride in helping to bring home a win—whether it’s dinner in a hurry, a holiday showstopper, or a sweet treat.

Announcing the release of our new Fall/Winter 2020 products on September 1, 2020. The holiday season is in full swing and we at Pampered Chef are ready with new holiday gift sets, sales and amazing new products to help you with your gift-giving.

Contact me today to book to host a party or to place an order. If you've been thinking of putting on the Pampered Chef apron and joining the company, please contact me to tell you how easy it is to sell with Pampered Chef - been in business for 40 years and going strong.

Kind Regard,

Susan Balinger-Haston