How Can You Help during Shelter in Place

50% Party

Have you been at home for over a week now? Tried all your favorite family recipes? Looking to expand your cooking skills and branch out a little to keep yourself and your family healthy and safe? I have been a Pampered Chef Cooking Consultant for over 15 years helping people by bringing them the latest tools, equipment and trending appliances to make meals fun, easy and fast. You can see me on Facebook as Vicki Benetua, Consultant with the Pampered Chef. Join me to help out during this terrible time for our country.

What if you are among those laid off during this Pandemic. Maybe life is more difficult that pondering what to cook for dinner! To help from home, we can contribute to Feeding America and keep food on their shelves by simply ordering something for yourself from the Pampered Chef catalog.

There is a link set up to bring you to the catalog and 50% of sales will go directly to Feeding America, but you get access to every product Pampered Chef has. Please copy and paste and share the link

This will be active from March 24th to April 8th 2020. Here's a way we can all help while stuck in the house most of the day. Please order and share out to your friends too.

Thank you,

Vicki Benetua, Consultant with The Pampered Chef