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WOW!!!!!! That’s crazy! Pampered Chef started 40 years ago in 1980. We are celebrating by offering a new consultant kit for only $19.80 until April 15th (very clever PC)!!! You literally have nothing to lose by starting your business TODAY!

I know, you're thinking folks won't buy during this pandemic. WRONG! My virtual parties are going like gangbusters! People are at home…bored…depressed from watching the news. Give them some fun in their lives! Do fun videos using your Pampered Chef products…run a Facebook Live or Zoom® party. Do demos using the products, too! Think outside the box! Come up with pantry meals that people can serve from their pantry while under the Stay-At-Home Orders!

We don’t keep inventory so your out of pocket is literally $19.80! Let’s do this, grab a spoon and come join me!!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!