Re-entering our communities

Let's keep cooking at home

We are getting closer to "back to normal" and venturing into the community and back to work, keeping our social distancing and following the safety guidelines. Meeting friends for lunch and social events will feel so good. Taking the kids to school, sports and classes again will help that feeling of comfort for everyone. If there's anything we have learned from this experience, it should be the value of family dinners and homemade meals. The savings of money and addition of healthy foods with less added sugar and salt is in our control when it's cooked at home. Stay in control of your families' nutrition with a little help from The Pampered Chef. Our trending tools and small appliances make it easy to meal prep and our resources are online for recipes, techniques and tips to save time and money for every family. We've learned that we can do Virtual Online parties and help our hosts receive all the same free products, deep discounts and still have fun interaction with friends from the ease of the computer screen. It's the safest way to shop and have direct delivery plus a consultant to help with any questions. Please contact me to plan your Pampered Chef online party today as there are New Fall/Winter products and recipes from the Pampered Chef test kitchens starting September 1st.