Recipe Reliability

Pampered Chef to the Holiday Rescue

The holidays are upon us and whether or not you can host your family or just yourself, you want to make the meals somewhat special. With all the Covid-19 quarantine doldrums, something different might be just the thing. Recently, I found a Poblano casserole recipe that looked very inviting and decided to give it a try. It didn't require blackening the chili skins, just a 3 minute soak in boiling water. Then piling on shredded cheese and pouring beaten egg and milk over the top and baking. What a disappointment! It's not the first time I've searched online and found an interesting recipe. This casserole, however, was not as bad as the 3 ingredient peanut butter cookie. What a waste of ingredients, energy heating the oven and my time. I think we are all drawn to the attractive pictures on the internet and expect that they should deliver. It's also easier to browse than search through a bookshelf of cookbooks.

I should know better. I sell Pampered Chef cooking tools, appliances, cookware, bakeware, spices and sauces. Pampered Chef has test kitchens in Chicago staffed with dieticians and chefs who have developed hundreds of recipes over the past forty years to help families prepare appetizers, main dishes, sides and desserts. Encouraging families to cook together to stay healthy and now stay safe during Covid-19, I am welcoming all those internet surfers looking for easy, delicious and dependable recipes for everyday and holiday cooking to refer to my website for all their kitchen needs. I will also take calls to help all my customers with their cooking questions. Let's keep the holidays happy, safe and delicious.