Are you getting Cabin Fever?

Home cooking to fill us with love

Have you done all your projects? Finished the jig saw puzzle? Played all the board games with the family over and over? How about taking this time during Shelter in Place to cook with your children. Whether you have teenagers or toddlers, there are so many ways to cook together as a family. Pizza night is a great way to start. I have a 5 minute dough recipe I'd willingly share. Older kids can cut veggies and the little ones can place toppings. There will be a special togetherness as the pizza cooks and as the family eats together. No matter what you try, it's a way to build your family recipes and memories at this time. Put together all the recipes you have made during the Shelter in Place Quarantine time and you'll have a family book to live on into better times. While you are at it, put together a special meal for Mothers Day on May 10th. Happy Cooking from Vicki Benetua, Consultant with The Pampered Chef.