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Established in 2012, Younique is one of the newest direct sales companies in the industry. The company was officially launched last September 2012 and now has more than 100 presenters in over 20 US states. Offering the perfect ground floor opportunity for those looking for a new direct sales company to join, Younique is perfect for both novice and experienced direct sales consultants alike. Younique’s sales and marketing structure is what sets it apart from other companies in the industry.

How to Become a Younique Presenter

Younique uses social media to market and sell their products. As a presenter, you can sell your products through your own website or through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Nowadays, the best way to launch and get your business noticed is by maintaining an active online presence. This is why Younique utilizes social networking sites. If you are looking for a business venture that you can run from home, then Younique might just be the perfect opportunity for you. You can run your Younique business no matter where you are in the state for as long as you’re connected online.

The process of joining the company is also pretty simple. You just need a Facebook account or if you already have an existing account, you simply have to log in and go to Younique’s Facebook application. You can sign up through the Facebook app by providing your personal information. Since Younique is only a few months old, you can be one of the first presenters in your state, allowing you to fully take advantage of this unique ground floor opportunity.

As a Younique presenter, you get a chance to sell the company’s unique line of beauty products to your personal network. You can also suggest product ideas and if your ideas get chosen, you’ll be given royalties for your product suggestions for as long as you stay a presenter for the company. This is actually the perfect opportunity for budding entrepreneurs who have a few a product ideas of their own. By joining Younique as a presenter, you simply have to pitch in your ideas to the company’s product development team and they’ll take care of making your ideas into reality. So if you’ve got a remarkable, unique product idea that you think the company will like, then you should sign up as a Younique presenter and pitch in your ideas right away!

Younique Products Starter Kits

All you need to become a presenter for Younique is a Facebook account and $99 startup investment. This amount is for your starter kit, which comes inclusive of your own presenter website, social media tools to help you launch and market your business, your own presenter manual, 100 custom-made product cards, 250 custom-made business cards, your own PayQuicker bank account so you can easily withdraw and access your earnings, you own presenter status charm, and 3 stylish Younique pens.

As a presenter, you also get complete access to business and training opportunities presented by the company. You can attend annual training seminars to help you improve your business for long-term success. You also get your own support system should you ever need help or advice in running your business.

Younique’s Compensation Plan

As an active Younique presenter, you can instantly receive your sales commissions each time you make a sale. You don’t have to wait for monthly or bi-monthly payments. Since your Younique bank account comes with a debit card, you can easily withdraw your earnings or transfer them to another bank account. As a presenter, you’ll receive a portion of your product sales in commissions, which will be sent straight to your Younique bank account. You can also receive sponsorship or referral bonuses for each time your sponsor or refer a new presenter to the company.

In addition to sales commissions and referral bonuses, you can also earn product royalties if you suggest a product idea and it gets chosen. You’ll start receiving royalties the moment your product gets launched to the market. It is worth noting, however, that you have to remain an active presenter to continue receiving royalties for products that you’ve contributed to the company.

Since Younique is a very new company, you can easily reach higher leadership levels if you join now and maintain an active status as a presenter. You can receive performance bonuses for going beyond your monthly sales goals and you can eventually get promoted to a higher level once the company expands its leadership structure. One of the biggest advantages of joining a company at its early stages is that you get the opportunity of growing with the company. As the company expands, so does your earning potential.

Whether you’re new to direct sales or you’ve been a consultant for other companies in the past, Younique presents the perfect opportunity for those who are looking for something new and fresh to join.

Younique FAQ

If you are interested in selling these fabulous Younique products to your friends, family, and personal network, you simply need to sign up and become a Younique presenter. As Younique is still very new, you simply have to log into your Facebook account and sign up through the Younique Facebook app. It's that simple!
If you’re interested in representing a company that is young and fresh, then Younique might have the perfect ground floor opportunity for you. You can run your business online so you can stay at home and make time for your family and the things that you love to do. Gain financial independence, meet new people, and watch your business grow with the company!