Younique Starter Kit

July August September 2017 Younique Presenter Starter KitWhen you’re investing time and effort into a direct sales business, knowing, using and sharing the products you’re representing will support an appearance of expertise and encourage clients to buy. The Younique Starter Kit was built on this concept, offering new presenters everything they need to build a comfortable familiarity with the various lines of the brand. Priced at only $99, the kit not only offers physical samples for in-person parties, it’s packed with online sales tools that let you grow your business on the web as well!

Lush, Gorgeous Color

Undeniably the most visible of Younique’s products, the 32 pigment powder cosmetic testers packed in the kit (16 shimmer finish, 16 matte finish) draw in curious customers with bright, bold colors that turn regular makeup looks into high definition masterpieces. Paired with the 6 concealer cosmetic testers and 5 blush cosmetic testers that are also found in the kit, you’ll have plenty for party attendees to “ooh” and “ahh” over.

The Eyes Have It

Mascara never goes out of style, but even the most deluxe traditional mascara can’t pull lashes out of thin air. Younique can, though! With the innovative 3D Fiber Lashes sample and eye brushes found in the Younique starter kit, you can offer your customers luxurious eye looks with a wave of your “magic” mascara wand. A great standalone demo or a perfect pairing with mineral pigment powders, this sensational lash product never fails to steal the spotlight at Younique sales parties.

Behind The Scenes Support

Your charming black Younique Starter Kit presenter’s case isn’t just for show - it also contains specially-designed tools aimed at launching your direct sales business to the top! A presenter’s guide, access to a free business website, access to virtual party setups, social media setup tools and more come right alongside your samples, so you never have to wonder where to start and how to keep the momentum going. Younique has your back on payday too - you’ll find information on fast, easy payment in your starter kit as well, including a Younique bank account and a special debit card that allows you to withdraw your generous commissions after a fun, successful Younique party.

When you open your Younique starter kit, you’re not just opening a treasure trove of high-quality cosmetic samples. You’re opening the door to a bold new business plan and direct sales success. Start your career with Younique by ordering your starter kit today - you’ll look great wearing the special enamel Presenter’s charm tucked inside!