Thirty One Party

As a party-plan company, Thirty One Gifts encourages consultants to market and sell products through home parties.  Hosting a Thirty One party is not limited to consultants alone, as even other people can host a Thirty One party in their homes and receive great rewards in exchange for their hospitality. Regardless of whether you are a hostess, a consultant, or a party guest, you will soon discover that a Thirty One Party is fun, exciting, and most of all, very rewarding.

Why Host a Thirty One Party?

Hosting a Thirty One Party is a great activity for many women, as they do not only get a chance to enjoy the company of family and friends but they also get access to exclusive Thirty One Party hostess discounts and rewards. The Thirty One Gifts party plan is open to anyone who wants to host a party. All you have to do is to Find a Thirty One consultant and book a date for your Thirty One party. If you don’t have a consultant in mind, you can always contact the company or visit their company website and a consultant will be recommended to you, based on location and availability. 

A Thirty One party will last two hours on average, depending on the number of people.  Your party consultant will help you out with the necessary preparations for the party so you don’t have to worry about having a difficult time. Just present an official guest list to your consultant a few days before your Thirty One party so that she can properly plan the details, make sure there are enough invitations and enough merchandise to accommodate guests who may be interested in purchasing Thirty One products. On the day itself, you can sit back, enjoy yourself, and let your Thirty One party consultant handle the marketing aspect of the party. If your Thirty One party makes enough in sales, you will surely be a very happy hostess by the end of the party.

Host your very own Thirty One party right at the comforts of your own home and have lots of fun with family and friends, try on purses, and browse through a number of customization options, which your consultant will carefully guide you through.

Thirty One Party Hostess Rewards

You get tons of rewards just for opening your home to the company by hosting a Thirty One party. From freebies to large discounts on your personal purchases, there are a lot of rewards in store for Thirty One party hostesses. For a minimum of $200 in Thirty One Party Sales, you get $25 worth of free Thirty one products, one item for half the price off, and a chance to purchase one product exclusive to hostesses. Your free items and discounted Thirty One products significantly increases, the higher your Thirty One party sales. For $500 to $999 of Thirty One Party sales, you get $90 to $150 worth of products for free, two discounted products, and a chance to purchase two hostess products. Thirty One Party sales of $1000 and above will get you free products ranging from $200 to $250 worth, 2 products with a 50% discount, and two hostess-exclusive Thirty One Products.

Best of all, Thirty One party sales of $1200 and above will get you $250 worth of free products, three products at half the price, and 3 exclusive hostess products for free. You can avail of all these just by hosting a Thirty One purse party for your family and friends, giving you all the more reason to encourage them to purchase great products from Thirty One Gifts.

Types of Thirty One Parties

A Thirty One purse party is not just fun and rewarding but it is also very flexible. If you don’t have the time to host a party at home, then you can also choose to host a Thirty One catalog party. Pass on Thirty One catalogs to your friends and family and get all of the aforementioned rewards for eligible party sales. You can also choose the Thirty One Party on-the-go option so you can take a Thirty One party with you wherever you go; be it in the office, in your own community, or even in exclusive clubs, you can certainly host a Thirty One Party anywhere.

If you want more convenience when hosting a party, then why not host an online party for family, friends and colleagues instead? You can fully utilize the advantages that technology and the Internet has to offer by hosting a party online. With an online party, you get the benefits of a Thirty One party hostess without having to leave your home for it.

A Thirty One party is not only a venue for consultants to earn profit but it is also a venue for Thirty One party hostesses to catch up with family and friends while enjoying the wide-range of benefits that a Thirty One party hostess is entitled to. Have access to exclusive Thirty One bags and share the joy with people who are close to you!