Sell Thirty One Bags

Thousands of women have enjoyed the benefits of being a Thirty One consultant. From fun and glamorous home parties to large profits on personal sales, there are certainly a lot of benefits to reap when you choose to Sell Thirty One products. So how do you become a consultant for this great direct sales company?

How to Join Thirty One Gifts

When you Sell Thirty one bags, you get more than a steady source of income but you also get a chance to join a family—one that supports and helps each other to achieve success. For years, Thirty One Gifts has been helping women achieve independence and become more confident about themselves and their skills as entrepreneurs.

If you want to become part of this amazing company and sell Thirty One products, then you may be glad to know that joining is actually very easy. You just have to sign up with an existing 31 consultant so you can be part of a team, your team will give you the necessary support and training to be able to successfully sell Thirty One purses to your own network.

If you Become a Thirty One consultant, you don’t only get a chance to sell 31 bags for personal profit but you also get to inspire your customers and give them access to a host of exclusive purses, travel bags, and food bags, which are all customizable to suit the needs and preferences of individual customers.

Exclusive Thirty One Starter Kits and Rewards

After you have signed up for the company, you will be asked to choose between two types of starter kits. These kits are necessary to sell Thirty One purses and bags, as they will help you launch your own venture. The basic kit is available for only $99 and comes with several business tools to help you sell Thirty One products that are worth over $250 in retail value. The Start Swell consultant kit, which comes with over $300 worth of products is given to consultants for free if they manage to gain a minimum of $1,800 in personal volume within their first 45 days. The kit can also be purchased for a price of $149, which is still a pretty great offer considering you get double the amount in Thirty One products. These kits all offer great value for your money and since it is easy to sell Thirty One products through home parties or even through one-on-one presentations, you should have your initial investment back after hosting or attending a few shows.

The company believes that to be able to Sell Thirty One Gifts successfully, it is necessary for each consultant to undergo comprehensive training on marketing such products. By purchasing the consultant starter kit, you will also be given your own company website and be given the opportunity to host online parties. If you sell Thirty One products more than the average personal volume that is expected of you, you are eligible for bonuses and as well as free training and seminars to monthly and annual conventions.

Thirty One Gifts takes pride in taking great care of their consultants. Whether you have little or no experience when it comes to direct sales, you can be assured that there will be a whole team to guide and help you learn about the company and how you can best market and sell Thirty One products. With a support system as great as that of Thirty One Gifts, it is very easy to succeed in the industry. When you sell Thirty One products, you get an opportunity to start your own business without having to put out a large amount of money initially and at the same time, get all the support you need to achieve your financial goals in a short period of time.

The Thirty One Gifts Compensation Plan

Being a faith-based company, Thirty One Gifts, offers an attractive opportunity for women everywhere. If you sell Thirty One products, you can earn as much as 25% on personal sales alone and this does not even include the amount you can earn on recruiting new people to the company. By building your own team, you are also entitled to 9% in sponsorship commissions plus a host of great rewards and incentives. The bigger the team you build, the bigger your chance of eventually being given leadership status, which can significantly increase your income potential. You will also be eligible to team bonuses and other incentives for performing well. If you sell Thirty One products, you are opening your doors to a business opportunity with unlimited income potential without the limitations of starting a business from scratch.

Thirty One Gifts has managed to increase the company size to over 40,000 consultants since it started in 2003. If you sell Thirty One products and become a consultant for the company, you will certainly enjoy yourself, your family, and your life more than you ever have before, as you get all the time to spend with the people close to your heart while still earning enough for necessities and even luxuries.

Thirty One Gifts FAQ

Interested in starting your own Thirty-One Gifts Business? Well the process is really simple! Just simply contact a consultant near you and sign up for a sponsorship under her team. If you're already a customer, then you can easily sign up under the consultant that you usually buy from. After signing up, you can start selling these fabulous products to your personal network.
Whether as a part-time source of income or as a full-time business, Thirty-One gifts offers one of the best opportunities in the industry. If you personally love their products and you want to spread the joy, then joining the company is definitely a good idea. Have fun, meet new people, and earn a decent income every month!