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Rodan and Fields was launched as a direct sales company in 2008 when its founders decided to pull out of department stores in 2007 and start offering a more personalized type of service. Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields both believe that good skincare can be better achieved through personalized care and one of the best ways to do this is to directly sell their products to consumers through a team of independent business owners. Their move to launch their products in a direct sales setting has not only made their line more accessible to women but has given interested consultants and budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their own business ventures in such a lucrative industry like skincare and anti-aging.

How to Become a Rodan and Fields Business Owner

With Skincare and anti-aging products sales expected to hit over $114 billion by the year 2015, there is no better time than ever to tap into the skincare market. Since developing your own skincare line can take years and not to mention, millions of dollars, there is perhaps no better way to start your own skincare business than by joining an established direct sales company like Rodan and Fields. With years of experience developing skincare and anti-aging products, Rodan and Fields have become industry experts. Offering top-of-the-line anti-aging and other skincare products for other problem areas, joining the company is certainly a good move for interested direct sales consultants.

Joining the company is easy, you can either sign up through an existing Rodan and Fields independent business owner to join her team or you can visit the company’s website to sign up and they will help you locate a sponsor near you. One requirement for becoming an independent business owner is purchasing a starter kit and fortunately for new business owners, Rodan and Fields offers several business kits to suit different budgets and business needs.

Rodan and Fields Business Kits and Tools

To help you launch your new skincare business, Rodan and Fields offers three types of business kits, all of which come with the tools and products you need to get started.

Personal Results Kit

The Personal Results business kit has a retail value of over $500 but is offered to new consultants for only $395. It comes inclusive of the following products and business tools:

  • Multi-Med Therapy Regimen
  • Anti-Age regimen
  • A range of best-selling products
  • Business Portfolio

Big Business Launch Kit

The Big Business Launch Kit has a retail value of over $1300 but can be yours for only $695 if you join the company as an independent business owner. It comes inclusive of the following kit contents:

  • 1 beauty regimen pack of your choice
  • 4 Multi-Med Therapy Regimens
  • Anti-Age Regimen
  • Additional top-selling products
  • Business Portfolio

RFx Express Business Kit

For those who want to start big, the RFx Express Business Kit is the perfect option. Valued at $1800, the kit is offered to independent business owners for almost half the price. This comprehensive business kit is yours for $995 and comes with the following products and tools:

  • 1 beauty regimen of your choice for your personal use
  • 4 Multi-Med Therapy Regimens
  • On-the-Go Prospecting Kit with Before and After Flip book
  • A wide selection of Rodan and Fields’ top-selling products
  • Marketing materials
  • Business Portfolio

Aside from the starter kit, you’ll also receive your own online back office along with your own personalized Rodan and Fields website, marketing tools, annual training seminars, round-the-clock support, and other important tools to help you launch your new business.

Rodan and Fields Compensation Plan

Rodan and Fields independent business owners can earn through personal retail commissions, sponsorship commissions, personal team commissions, and performance bonuses.

When you start, you’ll initially receive a 10% discount on your product inventories so you can already earn by selling your purchased products at the recommended retail price. However, once you become a qualified consultant, you can start earning 25% on retail commissions. To become a qualified consultant, you need to spend at least $100 in Rodan and Fields products every month. What you purchase monthly from the company can be used as your product inventory for the month.

In addition to your 25% retail profit, you can also earn 10% in consultant sponsorship commissions. This means that you’ll receive 10% of what your sponsored consultants sell. If you want to start as a qualified consultant right away, you can simply sign up for the Consultant Replenishment Program, which signs you up for $100 worth of products every month to be delivered to your home.

Once your sales reach $600 a month, you will be eligible for promotion to Executive Consultant, which will entitle you to 15% team commissions and 5% generation overrides. The promotions do not end there, however, as there are five more leadership levels after Executive Consultant so the more you earn, the higher your chances of being promoted to higher leadership levels.

As an independent business owner, you can also receive performance bonuses in the form of cash bonuses, trip incentives, and car programs.

Rodan and Fields offers not only some of the best skincare products in the industry but also a very attractive earning potential. By joining Rodan and Fields, you won’t only get access to your own supply of top-of-the-line skincare products to keep your skin young and healthy but you can also secure your financial future by earning a decent income every month.

Rodan + Fields FAQ

Want to take advantage of Rodan and Fields' lucrative business opportunity? Selling Rodan and Fields products is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Just sign up through an existing independent business owner so you can join her team and she'll guide you through the rest! After the sign up process, you can start selling Rodan and Fields products and earn a decent monthly income!
If you are looking for a profitable business opportunity with a competitive product line, then Rodan and Fields is certainly the perfect company for you! Whether you want to join so you can get access to high-quality skincare products at wholesale prices while earning some extra money or you are looking for a truly profitable venture, Rodan and Fields has something for everyone.