Jamberry Nails Parties

Jamberry Nails is one of the newest party plan companies in the industry. If you have heard of this wonderful new company and you want to learn more about their products, then one of the best venues to explore Jamberry Nails is by hosting a home party. When you host a Jamberry party, you can earn great rewards, large discounts, and shop in a comfortable, stress-free environment, in the company of your friends and family.

How to Host a Jamberry Nails Party

Hosting a Jamberry Nails party is fun, easy, and hassle-free. All you need to do is contact a Jamberry Nails consultant to schedule a date for your party.

Organizing your party is also very easy, as your Jamberry Nails consultant will guide and help you throughout the whole process. From organizing the actual venue to finalizing your guest list, your consultant will be with you every step of the way. You just have to invite your friends and family over and have some Jamberry Nails fun right at the comfort of your own home.

At the party, you and your guests can enjoy the different fun nail designs that Jamberry Nails has to offer. Your consultant will also be in-charge of teaching your guests how to properly apply Jamberry Nail Shields. Once they see how easy it is and how great Jamberry designs are, you will certainly end your event with dozens of order forms filled up. After all, who wouldn't love to get their nails all manicured in just a few minutes? The beauty in Jamberry Nail shields is that they are very easy to apply and they can give any woman that polished, stylish look for their nails without having to go to a salon.

Jamberry Nails Hostess Rewards Program

Jamberry Nails offers party hostesses with lots of attractive incentives just for hosting a party. At Jamberry Nails, you get compensated for partying. The Jamberry Nails hostess rewards program are offered to all Jamberry party hostesses who manage to meet at least the minimum required party sales to be eligible for free items. Curious as to how much you should aim for to be able to keep your favorite Jamberry Nail shields for free? Refer to the list below:

  • For Party sales of $75 and above, hostesses are given one free sheet of Jamberry Nail shields of their choice for free.
  • For Jamberry party sales of $150 to $249, hostesses are given 10% commission of the total sales in free products and a chance to purchase 1 item at half the price off.
  • For party sales of $250 to $399, hostesses can earn 10% commissions in free products and the chance to purchase 2 items at 50% off.
  • And finally, for party sales of $400 to $999, hostesses can earn 15% of sales in free products and three Jamberry nail shields at half the price off.

Hosting a Jamberry nails party is a great way for anyone to earn free products. It is also a great venue to learn more about the company and their business opportunity. If you are considering joining the company as a Jamberry nails consultant, you can inquire about their wonderful business opportunity from your home party consultant.

Jamberry Nails Party Options

If you are interested in hosting or attending a Jamberry nails party but you simply can't find the time to fit in a few hours of fun in your busy schedule, then you may want to consider other party options.

One great venue to host a Jamberry nails party without having to leave your home or your office is through the Internet. Some Jamberry consultants accept online party bookings through their personal websites. You can just ask your friends to visit the site on the scheduled date for the online party so you can be eligible for hostess rewards. Just look for a sales consultant who is open to this type of arrangement. It is worth noting, however, that hostess rewards may vary if you host an online party rather than an actual Jamberry nails home party.

You can also feature Jamberry nail shields on existing events that you are a part of, just make sure to tell your Jamberry nails consultant about the arrangement you want for your Jamberry party so she can help you plan out.

Even at this day and age where people are always on the go and pressed for time, it is still important for many women to pay attention to the way they look and to keep their nails pampered. With Jamberry Nails, you can pamper your nails in less than 30 minutes and by hosting a party, you can get your first sheet of Jamberry nails for free.