Sell Jamberry Nail Shields

Joining a new direct sales company is always an exciting time for many sales consultants, as it gives them the chance to represent new products and venture into something new. For those of you who are looking for the perfect direct sales company to join, the Jamberry Nails Business Opportunity might just be a great option. Jamberry Nails is just at its pre-launch stage, which means that the company offers a great ground floor opportunity for interested consultants. Being part of a company that is just getting ready to launch itself nationally has many advantages, as you can be one of the first sales consultants to represent the company.

How to Become a Jamberry Consultant

If you are interested in joining this new direct sales company, you can do so in just a few clicks. You can join the company simply by view the list of consultants near your area and find a Jamberry Nails consultant near you, and signing up to join her team. After you have signed up with an existing consultant and agreed to the terms and conditions of becoming a Jamberry Nails consultant, you can proceed to purchase the starter kit.

Jamberry Starter Kit and Consultant Packages

Jamberry Nails offers only one option for consultant starter kits but it already comes equipped with everything you need to successfully launch your business. The Jamberry Nails starter kit is offered to new consultants for only $99. The kit includes the following items:

  • 1 sheet of Jamberry nail shields
  • 100 orange sticks
  • a hair dryer
  • 5 crystal files
  • 3 buffers
  • 3 pairs of scissors
  • a rubber cuticle pusher
  • 50 catalogs
  • 50 brochures
  • 50 business cards
  • 100 order forms
  • a consultant guide
  • free credit that allows you to order three nail sheets of your choice
  • a free three-month subscription to a consultant website

The contents of the starter kit can get you through several home party presentations and you can just place your customers’ orders once they fill up the order form. You can also renew your website subscription after the three-month subscription that comes with the starter kit expires.

Jamberry Nails Compensation plan

Since Jamberry follows a multi-level marketing approach to direct sales, you can earn commissions from both your personal sales and from the commissionable sales of your downline representatives. Under the company’s leadership hierarchy, there are eight pay ranks. While the commission on personal retail sales is fixed at 30%, the downline commissions can vary significantly as you climb up the leadership hierarchy.

Associate Consultant to Star Consultant

At the onset, you will begin as an Associate consultant where you will earn 30% commission on personal sales and 3% commissions on your first-level downline representatives. You can also earn a 1% volume bonus if you manage to meet the 500-minimum requirement PCV to be eligible for bonuses. As a senior consultant, you can earn from two levels of downline representatives: the commissions being 6% and 3%, respectively. As a star consultant, you can earn 12% on your first-level downlines and 6% on your second level downlines.

Director Status

Directors up to Platinum Directors can earn as much as 5% volume bonuses. As a director, you can earn from up to three levels of downlines: 15% on thefirst level, 9% on the second level, and 1% on the third level. Senior directors can earn commissions from four levels of downlines: 16% on the first level, 10% on the second level, 2% on the third level, and 1% on the fourth level. Star directors can earn sponsorship commissions of 17% for the first level, 11% for the second level, 3% for the third level, and 2% for the fourth level. Super star directors can earn from five levels of downlines: 18% on the first level, 12% on the second level, 3.5% on the third level, and 0.5% on the fifth level. Finally, the highest pay rank position are platinum directors, who can earn 19% sponsorship commissions on the first level, 12% on the second level, 4% on the third level, 2.5% on the fourth level, and 1% on the fifth level.

Jamberry Nails offers one of the highest sponsorship commission rates in the industry, also making it an ideal passive residual income source for those who want to focus more on building a team.

All in all, Jamberry Nails offers an attractive business venture and gives interested consultants the opportunity to be part of one of the newest companies in the industry, representing products that can easily sell themselves.