Jamberry Nail Shields

There is perhaps nothing quite like pampering those tired hands and feet with a good manicure and pedicure at the salon. Unfortunately, for many women, juggling a full-time job and taking care of their families eats up enough time that squeezing in a few hours to pamper themselves can be impossible. Having realized the need to offer women an easy fix to prep up those tired nails, sisters Christy, Keri, and Lyndsey, came up with the idea for Jamberry Nail Shields.

Jamberry nail shields are essentially stick-on nail art that come in an assortment of designs and colors. These products give women a chance to get the style and design they want for their nails in less than half an hour.

Jamberry Nail Shield Products and How They are Applied

Have you ever wished you can just stick something to your nails but make it look like you had a manicure or pedicure at a high-end salon? This is exactly what Jamberry Nails has to offer-a very quick and easy fix to your mani-pedi needs. Forget having to squeeze in an hour or two to get your nails done, as you can do it right at the comfort of your own home. The difference between Jamberry Nail shields and regular stick-on nails is that the latter typically comes in a hard shell and a fixed length than can be placed over one's nails whereas Jamberry Nails are pliable stick-on designs that can easily blend with your nails, making it look like real nail polish. Stick-on nails also have to be removed at the end of the day, as they are quite uncomfortable whereas Jamberry nail shields can just be left on your nails for 1 to 2 weeks on your fingers and 4 to 6 weeks on your toes. Jamberry Nail shields are also chip-free and if you apply them properly, you won’t have to worry about chipped cuticles or faded nail polish for several weeks.

  • Jamberry Polka Dot Nail Shield
  • Jamberry Navy Red Nail Shield
  • Jamberry Color Polka Dot Nail Shield
  • Jamberry Leopard Nail Shield

Jamberry Nails come in dozens of designs and colors; you don’t have to worry about ever running out of options. From plain black and white prints in stripes, polka dots, check, hound's-tooth, or skulls, and fun summer colors and designs like floral prints in bright pink and polka dots amidst a turquoise backdrop to holiday designs in red and green, you have unlimited design and color options from Jamberry Nails, making them the perfect fashion partner for just about any occasion.

Applying Jamberry nail shields is easy. Just choose the design that you like, take a shield from the sheet that fits the size of your nail and cut it into your desired length if it is too long. After you have taken your nail shield out of the sheet, use a hair dryer to apply some heat on the adhesive side of the shield, as this will make it stick to your nails better. Place on your desired nail and apply pressure. You can also choose to blow more hot air while you apply pressure to ensure that it is intact. After you have successfully applied it on your nail, you can cut out the excess part of the shield and buff out parts that stick out to even out each nail and make it look more natural. Repeat this process for every nail and you've got yourself a perfect set of manicured nails.

If you can't find a shield that fits your nail perfectly, you can always trim the edges to make it naturally fit your nails. On the other hand, if some of your nails are too big for any of the shields on the set, just blow hot air to the shield to make it pliable, making it possible for you to stretch it out to fit your nail properly.

The designs and colors that Jamberry Nails feature in their collection are fashionable, fun, and unique. From sweet and feminine designs to wild designs like animal prints and skulls, you can find a set of nail shields that will suit your personal style and preferences best. You can also share the fun with family and friends, as each set comes with shields for more than one use and can fit 2 to 4 sets of nails. Gift certificates are also made available for those who want to share the Jamberry love but want to give their friends and family the chance to pick out the design of their choice.

Jamberry Nails offer such a competitive and highly marketable product base. While there may be others like this in the market, few are actually durable enough to last for several weeks and few are designed in such a way that would look like it were real nail polish carefully applied on your nails. If you enjoy having your nails styled in fun colors and designs but you prefer to do it yourself, Jamberry Nails is certainly a great option. By using these nail shields, you will not only save time but you will also save a lot of money.