Clever Container Products

Clever CHOICES to Achieve Organized Spaces

It is a simple fact that an organized living and working area reduces stress, increases productivity, and enhances clarity. Embracing this lifestyle requires the solutions that Clever Container provides at any direct sale party, emphasizes in every catalog, and offers on each page of its comprehensive website and product list. The system includes the following CHOICES:

  • Clutter controlling tools
  • Helpful organizing tips
  • On-site demonstrations
  • Caring consultants
  • Education and information
  • Solutions that make sense

The Tools

If you believe you’ve seen every organizer imaginable, open your mind to the unique and creative

products offered by Clever Container. Tried and true options have their place in the lineup, but what takes this company’s inventory beyond the ordinary is the fresh and functional sorting and storage fixes available. Let other so-called organizational models attempt to manage the clutter, Clever Container solves the possession overload problem permanently. Seek  and find resolution of common and unusual clutter issues for the following areas, family members, and activities:

  • Vehicles
  • Bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, pantry and laundry areas
  • Closets
  • Crafts
  • Pets
  • Kids
  • Essential storage
  • Offices
  • Travel
  • Sports

The Tips

Never content to simply sell you more “stuff,” Clever Container explains the principles behind the organizational methods. Packed with commonsense guidelines for making the most of the great products, each catalog offers organizational theories along with the bins, hooks, and filing systems. Every Clever Consultant is also prepared to support your decluttering agenda with fun, practical, and innovative ideas and checklists to ease the transformation from disheveled to ordered. Basic guidelines include keeping things:

  • Off the floor
  • Out the door
  • Easy to find and remember

The Demos

Organizational theory is good, but watching a seemingly solutionless tangle disappear into a well-ordered and compact system is a powerful incentive to at least try to seize the opportunity to declutter. Every Creative Container party features demonstrations that illustrate that these magical transformations are possible.

The Caring

Each Clever Container Consultant is available to answer questions and help create individualized solutions to life’s little and big messes. Whether at the party or one on one, leverage the expertise of our trained and committed consultants to achieve your calm and collected space.

The Education and Information

Taming the clutter is a lifestyle change that can be life altering. Clever Container founders Karen Eschebach and Jennifer Weaver support both their customers and their consultants as all take this organizational journey together.

The Sense in the Solution

The last thing a person seeking to reduce clutter and regain a sense of order needs is a “solution” that solves nothing, and creates more chaos. Clever Container pledges that their products will resolve both typical and unusual storage and organizing challenges. The company also looks forward to partnering with enthusiastic women and men seeking an enjoyable and profitable business opportunity. An affordable investment in the best organizational products and systems on the market today promises to return the original cost many times over and can be relied upon to increase business and personal skills, all while sharing more fun and personal satisfaction than anyone ever thought was possible while “clearing the decks.”

Clever Container FAQ

Prepare to be surprised at the reasonable cost of organizing your life. Most items range from the mid-teens to $30, with scads of "how cool is that?" items that can tame even the most stubborn clutter challenges for less than $15. A few life changing products require a more significant investment, but no single item tops $45.
Purchase the peace of mind that comes from controlling clutter directly from the Clever Container web site or from one of the thousands of clutter cutting experts, our Clever Consultants. Partying is the name of the game, and you can see the Clever Container in action at one of our get-togethers -- think about hosting your own and receive significant discounts.