Sell Clever Container Products

Make the Commitment to Contain the Clutter and Enhance Your Lifestyle

If you have been looking for a good fit in a home-based business, Clever Container offers the chance for both personal and financial growth in a wide-open niche of the direct sales landscape. A vigorous and evolving company, Clever Container welcomes Clever Consultants who appreciate the practical appeal of our innovative organizing and storage products but who also want to have a lot of fun while guiding the way to streamlined and clutter free living. A small initial investment reaps big rewards, with the bonus of an inventory-free sales methodology.

Start Up: Cost Effective Not Costly

For $149, plus applicable tax, Clever Container outfits its Clever Consultants with a kit brimming with fabulous organizational and storage products. This is your toolkit to demonstrate the wonders of the Clever Container merchandise at high energy direct sale parties where fun and function more than coexist -- they explode with clutter clearing confidence. Glossy catalogs and passionate discussions about the proficiency of our products are a great starting point, but nothing beats seeing the organizers in action. Customers can feel the quality and examine the innovative approaches offered by Clever Container first hand, recouping your initial cost effortlessly with solid sales.

We Store -- We Ship

All the heavy lifting is done -- literally -- at the Clever Container warehouse once orders are placed. Whatever is most convenient for you is our guide. Have items shipped directly to customers at home, have the party host receive the containers for distribution, or deliver the life-changing organizers yourself after we send them to you -- we honor your instructions and value your need for flexibility. We remember what it was like using a basement as a product depot; we encourage you instead to use our storage capacity and directed delivery to streamline your process.

Your Success on Your Schedule

Clever Container allows you the freedom to commit as much or as little time as you have to selling our remarkable organization and storage systems. Live your life as you have always wanted, now with the support of the Clever Container team. Enjoy family time and “me” time with plenty of options to succeed when you plan for Party Time. Love your new career, reveling in the positive home environment changes you bring to all your customers while delighting in the positive influx to your cash flow.  Be fully there for your life for perhaps the first time, now with the resources to enjoy every aspect completely.

Demand High and Satisfaction Higher for Clever Container

Modern life moves fast for everyone, and to embrace all options available today’s consumers are looking for convenient and proven ways to organize and simplify their complicated days and nights. Even the most organized person is always on the lookout for a better way to keep things lean and focused, and this is where our products really shine. Reasonably priced and instantly comprehensible, Clever Container products can make a world of difference for both the clutter challenged and for those who appreciate quality upgrades for organizational systems already in place. Our founders are developing new containers constantly as our lives demand new solutions. Join the team that truly knows that everything is simply better when everything is in its place.