Votre Vu Soiree

Great conversation, fun entertainment, and the company of good friends and family are just some of the rewards of hosting a party, which is why a lot of people enjoy these activities but wouldn’t it would be great if you could do all these while getting free products and large discounts on one of the best brands of skincare in the industry? With a Votre Vu soiree, this is very much a reality for hostesses. By hosting a Votre Vu soiree, you get access to tons of great products while enjoying your time with your family and closest friends.

How to Host a Votre Vu Party

Why should you choose to host a Votre Vu soiree? The answer is pretty simple—Votre Vu is one of the top skin care companies in the country today and hosting a Votre Vu soiree means you get to try out a line of high-end skincare and beauty products for free and get large discounts on exclusive items.

Hosting a Votre Vu party is simple, you just have to contact a brand ambassador and schedule the date of your Votre Vu soiree. Once booking is confirmed, you can start preparing for your party by inviting guests. It would be helpful to give your brand ambassador a list of the number of people you are expecting to attend your Votre Vu soiree so that she can bring enough products for everyone to choose from. Orders will also be entertained at the Votre Vu soiree and will be shipped to you so you can distribute it to your guests.

Enjoy the glamour of exclusive French skincare products right at the comforts of your own home by hosting a Votre Vu soiree. You can be assured that by the end of your party, your family and friends will be very happy for being able to conveniently purchase Votre Vu skin creams and other skincare products.

Exclusive Votre Vu Soiree Hostess Rewards

At the heart of every Votre Vu soiree is the hostess. This is why Votre Vu ensures that every hostess is greatly rewarded for opening up her home and giving the time to host a Votre Vu soiree.

For minimum party sales of $125, you can avail of one Votre Vu product at half the price. If you manage to make $300 and more in party sales, you can get one item at half the price and $30-$40 worth of free Votre Vu products with free shipment.

Party sales of $400 to $999.99 will allow you to purchase two exclusive Votre Vu Products at half the price plus $60 to $150 worth of free products. If your Votre Vu soiree makes $1000 and above in party sales, you can get up to $200 worth of free products plus three Votre Vu items at half the price. Since Votre Vu skincare products are known to be the best in the industry, it shouldn’t be so difficult to sell enough products at your Votre Vu soiree to earn these great rewards.

There is a wide-selection of monthly Votre Vu specials given to hostesses for hosting a Votre Vu soiree so make sure to check with your brand ambassador to find out what they are.

You can also sign up to become a Votre Vu brand ambassador for the company during your Votre Vu soiree, as Votre Vu ambassadors are always open to sponsoring interested consultants. 

Votre Vu Soiree Options

Votre Vu focuses primarily on soirees to promote their line of products, as the company wants their customers to see for themselves how highly effective their products are. This is also why it is recommended for brand ambassadors to use the products so they can be a testament to the company’s high regard for quality and efficacy. However, Votre Vu brand ambassadors are also given the freedom to cater to other Votre Vu soiree options such as online parties and catalogue parties. So if you know a brand ambassador, you can ask her about your Votre Vu soiree options.

The company also offers Votre Vu soiree hostesses a chance to participate in Votre Vu events and tours. In fact, there is an ongoing promotional Votre Vu soiree open to all brand ambassadors, interested hostesses, and as well as their guests. The Votre Vu founder’s soiree is available for a limited time only. This event will be made available in various states, allowing everyone to participate. By joining this exclusive Votre Vu soiree, you get a chance to start your own venture, earn great gifts for attending, and have access to on-spot tutorials by renowned makeup artist James Cornwell.

Votre Vu is known not only for their exclusive product line but also for taking great care of those who are part of the company. By becoming a Votre Vu soiree hostess, you do not only get a chance to hang out with friends and family but you also get to meet new and interesting people while having access to great products and giveaways. At a Votre Vu soiree, anything is certainly possible.