Sell Votre Vu Products

Becoming a brand ambassador for one of the leading skincare and beauty companies in the country is an honor in itself but carrying this prestigious brand name is not just what you get for joining the company. When you sell Votre Vu products, you are also opening your doors to a competitive compensation plan that is up to par with some of the biggest direct sales companies in the industry today. If you want to sell Votre Vu products as a brand ambassador, then you may be interested in knowing just what it takes to join Votre Vu.

How to Become a Votre Vu Brand Ambassador

As with most direct sales companies, joining Votre Vu is anything but complicated. You just have to simply find a Votre Vu Brand Ambassador then you can sign up on the brand ambassador’s website or through Votre Vu’s official website. Once you agree to the terms and conditions of becoming a Votre Vu brand ambassador, you can proceed to purchase your start up kit and sell Votre Vu products to your network.

Votre Vu’s extensive line of skin care products is a great product base. When you sell Votre Vu products initially, you are sure to get several repeat customers from your initial sales, as skin care is a consumable product. This makes it easier for you to build your network of clients and continue to sell Votre Vu products to more people as you expand your clientele. It only takes several people to test out Votre Vu’s product line and once they see how well these products take effect and deliver its promise, you don’t even have to work so hard in marketing your inventory.

Votre Vu Brand Ambassadors Exclusive Starter Kits and Tools

Once you decide to become a Votre Vu consultant to sell Votre Vu products, you will be given the choice between two starter kits to help you launch your business. The standard Votre Vu starter kit is available for $199 and comes with over $400 worth of Votre Vu products so you have the opportunity to double your initial investment when you sell the products in the kit. If you want to start a bigger venture right away and you are confident about your marketing skills, then the Premium starter kit may be an ideal option for you. This starter kit comes with over $1000 worth of Votre Vu products and as well as a comprehensive set of business tools to help you fast track your success. The premium kit is available to new consultants for only $399.

Aside from your start up kit, you also get a host of benefits when you sell Votre Vu products such as 30% discounts on inventory purchases and a chance to avail of 50% discount for every third purchase. You also get a website and other online tools to help you market and sell Votre Vu products.

Withdrawing your commissions and overrides is easy, as you will be given an exclusive Votre Vu MaterCard Debit card, giving you fast and easy access to your earnings on a weekly basis.

As a Votre Vu brand ambassador, you also get comprehensive training and support from your team leaders so you can effectively market and sell Votre Vu products.

The Votre Vu Compensation Plan

When you sell Votre Vu products, you will be entitled to the company’s exclusive compensation plan, allowing you to earn commissions on both personal retail sales and override commissions on your recruits’ commissionable sales.

Since you are given a special price for product purchases, you can earn as much as 30% commissions when you sell Votre Vu products. By becoming a Votre Vu brand ambassador, you also get a chance to showcase your leadership skills by sponsoring new consultants and building your own team.

You will also be given commissions on startup kit purchases made by your downlines. For each purchase of the Personal Shopper Pak, you receive $25 in commission, $60 if you get someone to purchase the startMeup Pak and $130 if you bring someone in and she purchases the Premium starter kit.  These bonuses are all offered to brand ambassadors for successfully recruiting new consultants and helping build Votre Vu’s team of consultants.

By recruiting at least two new brand ambassadors, you will receive a 10% fast track bonus, a chance to receive monthly team cycle bonuses, and be promoted to Votre Vu’s leadership ranks. You can qualify for promotions if you meet the minimum required team volume and sponsor a right team and a left team.

Start by using Votre Vu skin creams and other skincare products yourself so you can be your own walking advertisement. If you become a testament to the quality and efficacy of these products, it will certainly be easier for you to sell Votre Vu products and will take you a step closer to financial success and independence.

Votre Vu has thousands of brand ambassadors in virtually all US states and all of their ambassadors, whether part-time or full-time, are very much satisfied with what the company has to offer in terms of compensation. By joining Votre Vu, you can earn your own income while helping women achieve beautiful skin and become much more confident about themselves, which is an incredible feat to accomplish even on its own.