Why You Should Join Thirty One Gifts

While there are several purse-based direct sales opportunities available to new entrepreneurs, Thirty One Gifts has emerged as a clear favorite among new consultants. There are several reasons why, though one of the most prominent is the very affordable start up kit. Priced at only $99, it’s an excellent choice for first time consultants or those looking to supplement their party schedules with another line of products. A wide range of items that includes everything from stationery to dog leashes helps elevate this faith-based company beyond a “just purses” aesthetic to appeal to a broader party audience.

Starting On The Right Foot

Each startup kit contains over $300 worth of Thirty One Gifts products, instantly giving new consultants three times their startup cost in gorgeous demo products. The kit may vary depending on availability, but typically includes several different styles of bags such as purses, totes, cinch sacks, accessories and products with embroidered messages on them to demonstrate personalization options. This array gives consultants the supplies they need to show off the wonderful lifestyle solutions made by TOG, giving them the ability to physically demonstrate the beauty, durability and versatility tucked inside every bag and organizer. Once party attendees get the chance to hold the actual products and see the quality for themselves, they’ll be eager to sign up for a set of their own.

Lots of Host Incentives

Even the most motivated consultant still needs an arena to work in, which is why Thirty One Gifts has gone out of their way to make hosting an enticing proposition. Starting at only $200 in sales, a hostess earns several generous rewards, including:

  • Host credit that can be used towards catalog items
  • Half priced products
  • Free personalization on certain items
  • Access to special host-exclusive styles
  • Opportunity to earn free products with high sales

At a $200-$299 level of party sales, a host will enjoy $25 worth of credit to spend on catalog items, and the amount of their reward credit increases for each additional $100 in sales from there. This system ensures that consultants aren’t left cajoling reluctant hosts when the time comes to organize a direct sales party.

Big Commissions, Big Opportunities

In addition to a 25% commission on sales, consultants have the chance to earn a significant amount of free products during special promotions and sales periods. Thirty One Gifts is a direct sales company that isn’t shy about reinforcing their own commitment to their representatives, which means that working with their home party plan business is a true pleasure. With a well-thought-out starter kit, low startup cost and ongoing “symbiotic” support through host incentives, longtime consultants are not only thrilled to work for this ten year old company, they’re happy to relay their success stories, too!