Norwex Products

The Norwex name was built on the concept of a “little red cloth” - a cleaning cloth that, using the power of microfiber technology and ordinary water, would give users a lasting clean in their homes. Today, that little red cloth has quite a few friends, with brand additions such as scrubbers, sponges, mops and mitts that all harness the same microfiber material to give consumers choice and power in their cleaning solutions. With an overarching goal of reducing chemical use in the homes of their customers, Norwex has introduced products for every aspect of daily life, including personal care items, that reduce the lingering and potentially harmful effects of harsh chemical residues.

Turning Silver Into Gold

Silver, long valued for its antimicrobial properties, can be found throughout Norwex’s product lines, even in its toothbrushes! With mainstream companies such as Band-aid boosting awareness of this precious metal’s germ-zapping properties, consumer interest in swapping out mystery antibacterial chemicals for familiar, safe products like silver has never been higher. Whether Norwex’s customers are using a special silver-infused “scrubby corner” cloth or brushing their teeth with more confidence, it’s plain to see that this antimicrobial secret is becoming a must-have.

“Set and Forget” Convenience

It’s a fact: clean drains, machinery and water pipes run more efficiently when they’re clean. Norwex offers solutions to busy homeowners that increase their enjoyment of existing appliances while cutting down on maintenance. The powerful “magnet ball,” for example, sits in your dishwasher and attracts naturally-occurring but dingy calcium buildup so your drain and dishes don’t have to. The Fridge-So-Fresh, which uses the natural power of rechargeable crystals, keeps the inside of your fridge - or any area of your home - fresh by working to eliminate unpleasant odors. More than just a single-application solution, these hardworking products work for months and are only a few of the time and waste-saving products in the Norwex catalog.

A Whole Home Approach

When you clean your home, your efforts don’t stop in the living room, kitchen or bathroom - keeping carpets, floors, toilets, counters and more tidy requires a lot of “reinforcements.” With Norwex, you’ll never have to look further than a single catalog to find real cleaning solutions you can count on for every nook and cranny of your living space, and it’s not due to a one-size-fits-all philosophy. Bathroom descalers, BBQ cleansers, laundry dryer balls and other task-specific products help you keep on top of your to-do list without exposing your family to harsh, irritating chemicals that can cause health issues. Make the right choice for your health, your home, and your family - reduce chemical exposure and “green” your clean with Norwex!

Norwex FAQ

Products from the company's microfiber cloth line begin at $9.99 and extend just above $30 for kitchen cloth sets. Personal care items, such as lotions and face creams, are available in the $20 - $40 range, while advanced microfiber mop kits with additions and extra covers run approximately $100.
Norwex products are available exclusively through their network of direct sales representatives. The full catalog is available on the company's website, as an interactive digital presentation, complete with pricing. If you would like to purchase a Norwex product, a zipcode-based representative locator is available to use on the site as well.