Join Norwex

Have you ever wished for a direct sales company to take a stand against harsh chemicals, perfumes, dyes and other irritants? Norwex is ready to give you the opportunity to spread the eco-friendly word about low-to-no chemical cleaning solutions, body care products and more through a direct sales representative partnership. As a rep for the company, you’ll be able to experience the powerful and economical results of Norwex products for yourself, sharing your experience with others as you earn income at your own pace. With opportunities and support to grow your business, assemble a team and earn extra incentives, owning your own business is as simple as saying “yes!” to Norwex.

Start Strong, Bring Friends!

With a 35% commission, each sale you make at a Norwex party helps pad your bank account with high profits so you can keep doing what you love and managing your own business. Recruiting has its benefits too - in one of your signups gains $2000 in sales in their first three months, your vigilance and eye for quality is rewarded with an impressive $300 shopping spree of Norwex products. Try new items for yourself, snag bestsellers to make a little extra cash - the choice is up to you! Tap your friends to start building a team - you’ll profit as they rise through the ranks, and together you can aim for sales goals, team rewards and other great incentives.

Fantastic Hosting Opportunities

Naturally, as a company that rewards and encourages their direct sales representatives, Norwex doesn’t hesitate to spread the love to hostesses too. Hosts and hostesses are rewarded both for the number of buying customers present at each of their bookings as well as for the overall sales total. Rewards range from totally free products just for hosting a party to impressive packages of free products, percentage of sales in free products, and more! With these benefits, hosts won’t just be eager to throw one party - they’ll want to make Norwex parties a regular occurrence. Best of all, these incentives don’t cost direct sales representatives a dime - the company foots the bill because they understand the difference a host that’s invested in success can make on sales.

With a low requirement of only $250 per calendar quarter to remain an active representative, Norwex welcomes and supports both part and full time reps to its booming business model. If you’re curious about Norwex products and eager to join this eco-friendly company on its rise to fame, look into joining up as a representative today.