What is Direct Sales

Direct sales. These two words seem so innocuous, but they pack a large punch when it comes to describing the definition. If asked, many people involved in direct sales have different definitions of the term and the function of direct sales. So, what is Direct Sales? What does it mean and what is its function?

Direct Sales is the act of selling products away from a retail location, a storefront. So basically it is selling products one on one to people from your home. This could involve door to door selling or presenting and selling at a consumer's home. It often involves selling online as well as offline. The definition is wide open for a reason.

Methods of Direct Sales

There are various methods that direct sales companies and their sales representatives employ to sell products and services to consumers but there are three predominant methods used by majority of representatives in the industry:

Direct Sales is an evolving definition. It is one that changes as the business of direct sales changes. Selling one on one is a basic function of direct sales as is selling to a group of people in some one's home; otherwise known as the party plan. The use of a generic meeting area is also encouraged.

Another popular method to meet with others that may be interested in your products is through a video sales promotion that is accessed through a sales website online. Similarly used are conference calls or online conference chats.

The profession of direct sales is definitely a growing profession. The market and economy effects the growth in a direct way. As more and more people look to make additional money, millions turn to selling products as a way to increase their cash flow.

The amount of businesses coming into the marketplace with new products to sell is staggering. Just about any profession is represented in some type of direct sales marketing business. The direct sales industry also has a profound impact on the economy as a whole, generating billions of dollars in sales each year. Potential representatives looking for a way to earn that extra paycheck have a large field of products and stable companies to choose from now.

In addition to selling products and earning a commission for that, representatives of direct sales companies also may earn money by referring others to the company that they are working with. This is referred to as multi-level marketing due to the many levels on which the consultant can be paid. By adding members to their "team" and mentoring the new representatives or consultants, additional income can be earned. The larger a team grows and the more products that they sell as a whole, the more income, potentially, can be made.

Direct Sales Modes of Compensation

There are two types of compensation formats used in direct sales, these are:

This has become an attractive benefit to the direct sales profession. By having income coming in from two different aspects of your business, it will solidify your business and its stability.  It also means that you will be more than likely to stay with your company instead of changing for greener pastures.

Direct selling has always been an attractive venture for many people primarily because of the high potential for profit without the demanding working hours of a full-time job or running an independent business. While majority of direct sales representatives only work part-time, direct selling still proves to be a viable and profitable venture for those who want to work full-time.

As you can see direct sales means so much more that what those two little words imply. When considering a direct sales company for your profession, your sales and earnings potential are much greater than in years past. All that is required of you is time and commitment to make it a success.

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