Sell Miche Bags

You’ve probably heard of the “bag with endless possibilities”, also known as the Miche Bag. Miche is no stranger to the market, as the brand has been around since 2005. If you enjoy Miche bags and their versatility, then you may be interested to know that Miche has now joined the direct sales industry. Now employing a direct sales framework with a party-plan system of marketing, Miche has proven that they really are a company that offers unlimited possibilities. You can now reap the benefits of owning your own business by becoming a sales representative for this amazing company.

How to Become a Miche Representative

Women love options and Miche certainly does not come lacking in this department. If you love Miche bags and you think starting your own Miche business is something you’d enjoy doing over the next few months or years, then you can join the company’s sales force and be an official Miche representative. How do you join? It’s easy and hassle-free plus you don’t need to raise such a large amount of money on capital to start running your own business.

To sign up as a representative, you simply have to fill up the sign-up form, which you can find in the Join Us section of the company’s official website. Even better, you can join through an existing Miche representative and start your own miche business right away. By joining a Miche team, you get the advantage of having your own personal support team, as your sponsor will help you start, launch, and run your business. Once you have signed up, you can purchase the Miche starter kit and you’re all set. Start promoting your line of products and earn a sizable income every month while having the freedom to set your own work hours.

Miche Starter Kits

New sales representatives can choose from two types of starter kits, depending on their needs and budget. Here are your options:

Option 1:

Basic Starter Kit

If you want to start small and just expand your inventory later on, the basic kit may be the perfect option for you. This kit comes with 1 base bag, 2 shells, 2 handles, and of course, business supplies like catalogs, order forms, hostess forms, invitations, and sign-up forms to help you run your business. You can purchase this kit for $199.95.

Option 2:

Deluxe Starter Kit

The deluxe starter kit is a great option for those who want enough supplies for several parties. This kit comes with the following Miche products: 4 classic Miche bag bases, 5 Premium Shells and 9 Classic Shells, 1 mini base bag and 2 mini shells, 1 chain handle, a closet organizer, 1 purse organizer, and a clip-on strap. It also comes with business tools including: customer order forms, catalogs, brochures, sign-up forms, hostess forms, party invitations, and business cards. This kit is sold to new representatives for only $499.95

Of course, if you need more supplies you can easily order from your back office and have it in time for your next party. Regardless of your budget, Miche has a starter kit option to help you start your business and realize your dreams.

How Much Will You Earn as a Miche Sales Representative?

As a Miche independent representative, you have control over how much you earn. You can earn commissions ranging from 20% to 35%, as commission rates increase once you reach certain sales goals and leadership levels. You can sell Miche bags through home parties, online, in trade shows, or even through one-on-one selling by pitching these products in to individual customers. It’s all up to you. Of course, if you want to make the most out of Miche’s home party-plan system, it is recommended that you attend home parties from time to time. As a new representative for Miche, you can earn $600 worth of Miche merchandise during your first 90 days. Just meet the sales goal requirement to be eligible for the 90-day quick start rewards program and you can earn free products to keep for yourself or sell for additional income.

Since Miche also employs a multi-level marketing system, you can also earn residual income by sponsoring new representatives. You can expect to earn 4% to 6% sponsorship commissions on your downline’s commissionable sales, giving you the opportunity to earn more every month.

Miche may be new to the direct sales industry but they have had several years of experience running as a distributor for retailers so you can expect that the company has a solid business plan and that you get superior training from the company and your uplines.

Miche bags are such great products to represent because they offer every woman an unlimited amount of options. By becoming an independent representative for this company, you can share the joy of owning a Miche bag to women you meet on a daily basis. Since these bags are reasonably priced, you can offer great value for your customers’ money.

Miche Bags FAQ

If you are interested in selling Miche bags, you simply have to contact an existing Miche independent representative and sign up under her team, as you need a sponsor to get in. After you have signed up, you can start selling Miche merchandise to your own network! It's as simple as that!
Miche is more than just a company, as they believe in empowering women not just through their fashion choices but as well as through helping them achieve financial independence. If you enjoy fashion and you want to earn your own income while still having freedom over your schedule, then joining Miche is a great career move!