Miche Party

Chic, functional, and versatile are just some of the words that describe what Miche bags are all about. Dubbed as the “bag with endless possibilities”, Miche bags have become a must-have in every woman’s closet. Miche bags have become much more accessible since the company decided to distribute their bags in a direct sales setup in 2011. You’ve probably heard about the company’s lucrative business opportunity but did you know that you could actually earn free Miche credits just by hosting a party for the company? Yes, you can! Just by inviting a bunch of your friends and family members into your home and hosting a Miche party, you can earn a portion of your party’s retail sales in free host credits.

What are Miche Parties?

Since Miche was reintroduced in 2011 as a direct sales company, they also employed the party-plan marketing method. This means that independent representatives can sell their merchandise through home parties, which are typically hosted by customers. A Miche party is essentially an event where people can get together, have fun, shop, discover great opportunities, and explore the wonderful world of Miche.

How to Host a Miche Party

Anyone can host a Miche party. If you are interested in hosting your very own bag party, you simply have to contact a Miche independent representative and schedule a date. Don’t know any independent representatives? You don’t have to worry, as you can always visit Miche’s official website. Simply click on the “Miche Party Hostess” tab and put in your details and location so the company can assign a Miche independent representative for your party.

Miche parties are fun and fashionably chic! And the best thing is, you don’t need a fancy venue for your party, as you can hold it right in the comforts of your own home. You can also host a party in other venues if you want, just make sure to let the independent representative assigned to you know where you plan to host it. Hosting a party is very easy and you don’t have to do anything other than provide the venue, invite guests, and maybe serve refreshments if you want. Your independent representative will take care of everything else; from providing party invitations to the party presentation and taking product orders, your Miche independent representative will provide everything you need. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? That’s because it is! If your party makes enough in retail sales, you can earn free hostess credits, which you can use to purchase Miche products.

Miche Party Hostess Rewards

As previously mentioned, hosting a Miche party will not only give you a comfortable venue to shop in the company of your friends and family, but you’ll also get hostess rewards along the way. As long as you party makes a minimum of $200 in retail sales, you will automatically be eligible for the hostess rewards program.

As a Miche party hostess, you can earn 10% of your retail sales in free credits. For example, if your party makes $200 to $399 in retail sales, you get $20 in free credits and if your party makes $1000, you’ll receive $100 in free credits. But that’s not all, if your party makes more than $1000 in sales, you’ll still earn additional credit. This means that if your party makes $1200 in sales, you’ll receive $120 worth of free credits.

In addition to receiving free credits, you’ll also receive discounts on your purchases. You can purchase up to 4 items at half the price off, depending on your retail sales. You can also receive additional discounts ranging from 10% to 35% based on your party’s total retail sales. There are also exclusive items made available to hostesses only so you will not only earn and receive discounts but you’ll also be entitled to a unique Miche bag shell designed exclusively for hostesses.

Exclusive Booking Incentives

As if free credits and large discounts weren’t enough, you’ll also receive a booking incentive if any of your guests book their own party with your independent representative. You can receive an additional 50% discount on Miche bag shells for each guest that books their own party at your event. So if 1 guest books a party, you can purchase 1 shell at half the price off and if 2 guests book a party, you can purchase two shells at half the price off.

Miche believes in valuing their customers and hostesses so by simply hosting a Miche party, you will be entitled to a long list of perks and rewards as the company’s way of saying thank you for supporting their products and being part of the Miche community.