Miche Petite Base Bag

Finding the perfect cocktail purse is never easy. Since different occasions call for different styles, settling for just one or two purses is never enough, especially if you have an active social life. Most women just stick to neutral colored purses in black, brown, or white to make it easier to match different outfits but won’t it be nice if you can find one cocktail purse that will go with everything? Miche’s Petite base bag is the only party purse you’ll ever need. This small purse features a black strap measuring 24 inches long and ½” wide. The handle drop measures 11 inches. By default, the bag straps are black with silver hardware but you can always purchase an extra strap with antique brass hardware for more versatility. The purse itself measures 4 inches wide, 8 inches long, and 6 inches tall, which is just the right size for a cocktail bag. Since Miche’s Petite base bag has 28 available shells, you can easily just slip in a new shell to match your outfit each time you have plans for a night out. You can even use the Petite bag in the day, just slip in a more casual shell.

The Petite base bag features solid sides so fitting in the shell won’t be too difficult. It also comes with an internal pocket, perfect for your keys. With Miche’s Petite base bag, you won’t have to limit your choices to just one or two designs, as you’ll have unlimited options!