Join JewelScent

Becoming a JewelScent consultant allows the chance to earn generous commissions through a 21st century online model that is both stress and inventory free. JewelScent provides each consultant, after the purchase of a starter kit, with an engaging, clean looking and intuitive E-commerce website that customers love to use, encouraged through clear descriptions and beautiful photos to invest in these quality products.

No forms or order sheets are necessary. When customers order from a consultant's website JewelScent’s warehouse ships quickly, earning the consultant up to 35 percent commission. In addition, JewelScent consultants receive at least a 20 percent discount on their own purchases and are eligible for even more savings with VIP access to cost savings offered only to consultants.

Consultants who love in-person social interactions can throw as many JewelScent home and office parties as they desire. JewelScent offers traditional Consultant Kits to display their wares at get togethers and vendor events. But reaching out through social media and emails, directing traffic to a Consultant's E-commerce store, is also part of the JewelScent plan. Consultants with robust social media strategies can reap many benefits with JewelScent.

JewelScent does not require a minimum sales level to continue teaming with the company as a Consultant. Each Consultant truly is able to set her own hours and invest as much or as little time as the needs of her family and her other obligations dictate. Each Consultant must purchase a starter kit but with several levels available this obligation is very affordable, beginning at $49.

Each new Consultant is paired with a sponsor, an experienced Consultant who will introduce those new to JewelScent with the systems in place to make this opportunity a fun and lucrative adventure. The sponsor will help a new Consultant’s home business take off and will be available to answer questions, offer support and consult with the new JewelScent entrepreneur.

Commissions are paid twice monthly, on the first and the sixteenth of the month. JewelScent uses a free Visa Commission Card and deposits the commissions into each Consultant’s e-wallet account on paydays.

The best part of becoming a JewelScent Consultant is sharing the lush scents and the anticipation surrounding the discovery of the ring in each product. Consultants celebrate with their customers the fun and fantasy involved in finding the rings, often posting pictures on social media. High quality, USA made products are very appealing, and Consultants will find happy customers are repeat customers.