Sell Do You Bake

Do You Bake may have only started as a direct sales company in 2010 but it has already managed to build a relatively large team of passionate consultants. Established out of a passion for cooking and a desire to provide easy-to-prepare food packages to consumers without the use of additives and preservatives, Do You Bake shows that they are a company that truly cares for their customers. The company also offers more than a great product base, as they also have a great business opportunity in store for everyone. Anyone who decides to sell Do You Bake products would not be disappointed with the company’s compensation plan and rewards system.

How to Become a Do You Bake Consultant

Do you want to know how to join Do You bake? Becoming a consultant is actually very easy and does not require previous experience as a consultant to be eligible. This business opportunity is open to anyone who wants to sell Do You Bake products. The only prerequisite you need for joining is the recommendation of an existing Do You Bake consultant and this is not very difficult to procure, as consultants are constantly looking to increase their team size. You can also choose to join directly by signing up through the company’s website.

Do You Bake offers a great opportunity for everyone to earn large amounts of profit when they sell Do You Bake products. Do You Bake offers healthy and delicious food choices for everyone and the best thing is, you don’t even have to be a natural cook to prepare these great dishes. Healthy food that is easy to prepare—this is what Do You Bake is all about. Do You Bake also takes great care of their consultants and ensures that they are given proper training and support throughout the whole process.

Do You Bake Starter Kits and Special Packages for Consultants

Do You Bake offers two types of Starter Kits, which you can purchase once you join and decide to sell Do You Bake products. You have the option to either purchase the basic starter kit for $35 plus $10 for shipping or the premium starter kit $125 plus $10 for shipping.

The Basic Kit

  • 10 spice samplers
  • 10 Do You Bake Recipes
  • Seasonal dessert products
  • 2 catalogs
  • Flyers
  • as well as a Free website.

The Premium Kit

  • 20 samplers
  • 10 consultant mixes
  • 10 special holiday products
  • A special dessert mix
  • Five different dips
  • 10 additional products
  • Ten catalogs
  • A Free website
  • and a host of great business tools to help you launch your venture

When you sell Do You Bake products, you also have to choice to purchase kit enhancements and additional business builder tools if you want to fast track your success as a consultant.

Do You Bake Compensation Plan

Do You Bake consultants all enjoy a lucrative and competitive compensation plan and this is one of the strongest points of the company. When you sell Do You Bake products as a consultant, you can earn 20% to 35% commission on personal sales, depending on your retail volume and you also get a chance to earn 20% commission on online orders.

When you sell Do You Bake products, you also get a chance to earn commissions on YUMM memberships. You can earn $6 to $7 for 100 to 200 active YUMM memberships and commissions are paid on a monthly basis.

When you become a Do You Bake consultant, you don’t just earn when you sell Do You Bake products, as you can also build your own team and earn leadership bonuses and commissions. You can earn from up to five levels of downlines when you reach the top rank of Super Chef-Vice President and earn up to 8% on your first generation downline.

When you sell Do You Bake products and reach the minimum required for your level, you could easily be promoted to a higher leadership level and earn higher commissions on your downline’s commissionable sales. From cookie consultant you can immediately be promoted to certified cookie consultant for a minimum personal retail volume of $200 per quarter and this is just the beginning.

When you sell Do You Bake products and manage to increase your sales and maintain good team wholesale volume, you have a bigger chance of reaching the top ranks for leadership. Top performing consultants also get a host of rewards including; monetary bonuses, leadership and team bonuses, 3% monthly sales awards on all your personal sales, monthly mentorship awards for sponsoring consultants, and annual awards.

Do You Bake certainly offers one of the most attractive opportunities in the direct sales industry. When you sell Do You Bake products, you get more than just a venue for earning a sizable income but you also get a chance to grow and enhance your skills as an entrepreneur and a leader.