Do You Bake? Party

The food you serve is one of the most important aspects of hosting a party. Being able to serve great home-cooked meals without breaking a sweat is considered a great privilege for party hostesses but is oftentimes difficult to achieve, especially for those who are just starting to learn how to cook. Fortunately, by becoming a Do You Bake party hostess, great food is within arms reach and you don’t need to hire professional caterers just to serve your guests with delectable and mouth-watering dishes.

Why Host a Do You Bake Party?

A lot of people enjoy hosting Do You Bake home parties not just because of the great food that they are able to serve but also because of the great rewards that await Do You Bake party hostesses. Hosting a Do You Bake party is a very simple process, as you get all the help you need from your consultant. From the party invitations up to the food samples that will be served at your Do You Bake party, your consultant will take care of all the important aspects of the event. All you have to do as the hostess is to invite your guests and bring them together for a night of great food and great conversation.

By hosting a Do You Bake party, you get a chance to receive large discounts and free Do You Bake food recipes and mixes. You also get to see how these products are best prepared and get to taste them right at the comforts of your own home. This will give your guests a better idea of what to expect when they purchase food recipe mixes from Do You Bake.

Do You Bake recipes are popular for being very easy to prepare. The company’s primary goal is to provide great tasting easy-to-use food mixes that are healthy at the same time. By hosting a Do You Bake party, you do not only get a chance to enjoy these great products but you also get a chance to share them with your family and friends. If you want to host your own Do You Bake Party, you just have to contact the company so they can assign a consultant for your party or you can also choose to directly contact a Do You Bake consultant if you know one. Do You Bake consultants are all result-oriented and passionate about what they do so you can be assured that your Do You Bake party will be a success.

Great Rewards for Do You Bake Party Hostesses

By hosting a Do You Bake party, you get access to tons of great rewards. You also get to learn tricks and tips to help you prepare delightful appetizers, entrees, and desserts by using Do You Bake products and get a chance to earn free products for yourself.

The great thing about Do You Bake home parties is that the more the party makes in sales, the bigger the rewards that await the hostess. For starters, you can earn 10% in free products for minimum party sales of $200 and this significantly increases if your party makes more in retail sales. For minimum party sales of $300, you can earn $35 worth of free products and you can earn as much as $150 worth of free products for minimum Do You bake party sales of $1000. This means that you can earn a maximum of 15% in free products if you manage to make $300 and above.

You also get a chance to purchase any Do You Bake product of your choice for 60% off if one of your guests decides to book a Do You Bake party as well. These great rewards make it all the more enticing for both you and your guests to book parties in the future.

Do You Bake Party Setups

As a food direct sales company, Do You Bake highly encourages consultants and hostesses to book home parties, as it is easier to market food products in person, especially since it is necessary to be physically present to sample these products. However, Do You Bake also offers online party options for those who simply do not have the time to host a Do You bake party at home.

To host an online Do You Bake party, you will also need to schedule a date with your consultant so that she can arrange the venue, which is usually the consultant’s website, and her presentation. Invite your guests to be online at your scheduled date and time and if your online party makes enough in retail sales, you can also avail of discounts and some free items. A Do You Bake party is flexible and can work well under different setups. If you want, you can also host, a community event to showcase Do You Bake products and earn some great rewards for yourself. There really are a lot of options; you just have to choose one that works well for you and your consultant.

Do You Bake offers a rare opportunity for everyone to start eating healthy without compromising the taste of the food they eat. By becoming a Do You Bake party hostess, you can start your path to a healthier lifestyle while opening your doors to more great meals for you and your family.