Sell Chloe + Isabel Jewelry

Chloe + Isabel’s beta launch created such a huge buzz last May 2011 but what does the company really have to offer the direct sales industry? Chloe + Isabel aims to revolutionize direct selling by offering its merchandisers an online platform to market and sell their products. Managed by an experienced CEO and backed by large investors, interested merchandisers can expect nothing but the best when it comes to training and support. Company founder and CEO, Chantel Waterbury, decided to launch the company in a direct sales platform because she wants to give the younger generation a shot at their own success by honing their skills as entrepreneurs through Chloe + Isabel.

How to Become a Chloe + Isabel Merchandiser

The Chloe + Isabel business opportunity is for the fashion-savvy modern-day woman. Beta merchandisers who were with the company from day one of the launch are mostly women between the ages of 19 to 27 but the company welcomes all interested merchandisers 18 and above. If you are interested in joining what Chloe + Isabel calls “Generation Net” and would like to make a living running your own jewelry business or maybe start a boutique of your own, then Chloe + Isabel is certainly for you. Offering high-quality jewelry pieces designed and created by a team of young and dynamic designers combined with the vast expertise of CEO, Chantel Waterbury, in corporate merchandising and jewelry design, you will certainly enjoy becoming a merchandiser for this young direct sales company.

Joining is easy and you receive a lot of perks along the way. You simply have to sign up with the company or through one of their existing fashion merchandisers. If you don’t know a merchandiser, you can always head straight to the company’s website and contact a merchandiser from there. Check out their products and see the potential behind them yourself. You can also build your own team by sponsoring new merchandisers for the company. The best thing about becoming a merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel aside from the fact that the company is in good financial standing is that you get to be part of a company that has the potential for greatness in the fashion industry. Even while Chloe + Isabel is still in its startup stages, its products have already been featured in countless fashion magazine spreads, proof that there really is something to this new company that makes it stand out from the rest.

Chloe + Isabel Jewelry Starter Kit

To become a merchandiser, the only requirement is to purchase the Chloe + Isabel starter kit, which is available for only $175. This kit comes inclusive of $500 worth of Chloe + Isabel Jewelry, 20 catalogs, order forms, trunk show planners for party hostesses, wish lists, 30 mini lookbooks, opportunity brochures, 1 jewelry roll, and 1 commission payroll card for easy access to your personal commissions. The jewelry starter kit comes with everything you need to jumpstart your Chloe + Isabel business.

By becoming a merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel, you also get personal discounts of as much as 50% off on your inventory purchases and comprehensive leadership training from beginning to end to help you build your own team. Since Chloe + Isabel believes that innovation is key to success in today’s marketplace, you also get your own online boutique to help you advertise your products online; it will also serve as a venue for your network to shop for jewelry. Not only will it be easier for you to process orders through your online boutique but it will also be easier to keep your customers updated about new products, as they won’t have to wait for seasonal catalogs to be released. For being a merchandiser, you also receive your own special merchandiser-exclusive necklace plus a chance to earn free jewelry within your first 90 days with the company.

Chloe + Isabel Compensation Plan

Chloe + Isabel offers merchandisers with a chance to earn a decent income while having the freedom to manage their own time. You can earn 30% commissions on your personal sales and choose how much you want to sell every month, as there are no strict monthly quotas imposed on merchandisers. However, if you want to earn attractive bonuses and your own Chloe + Isabel jewelry for free, it would help to increase your monthly sales to be eligible for merchandiser incentives.

Chloe and Isabel offers more than just the opportunity to start your own business but the company also offers each merchandiser a chance to build her own team. By sponsoring new merchandisers to your team, you can earn downline commissions ranging from 4% to 12% depending on how many generations you have in your team. With Chloe + Isabel, you get to be a modern-day career woman and finally achieve the financial independence that every woman dreams of achieving.

Chloe + Isabel offers a truly attractive ground floor opportunity for women in the 21st century. Whether you fancy attending weekly trunk shows or you want to focus primarily on selling your jewelry online, Chloe + Isabel has something for you.