Chloe and Isabel Jewelry

Chloe + Isabel has graced runways and fashion magazines for the last few months and with good reason too, as their jewelry pieces reflect a truly eclectic charm derived from both classic and contemporary inspirations. Designed by a mix of young jewelry designers who are new to the craft and industry experts with over three decades of experience in jewelry design, it does not come as a surprise that Chloe + Isabel jewelry exceed expectations when it comes to both quality and style. Chloe + Isabel mixes the old with the new to deliver fresh jewelry designs, which is what gives the company and its products a competitive edge despite being new to both the direct sales and fashion industries.

The Chloe + Isabel Jewelry Collection

Chloe + Isabel prides itself with using only the highest quality of materials that are hypoallergenic, lead-free, and nickel free. The company also has each piece crafted by the same manufacturer that makes jewelry pieces for some of the biggest brands in retail today. Interested in knowing what Chloe and Isabel has to offer? Below are just some of the pieces you can expect from this brand new company:


It’s amazing what a piece of cuff or bangle can do to change an entire outfit’s feel and style. With bracelets from Chloe + Isabel, you have the ability to change any plain attire from boring to fashionably chic. Choose from a wide-range of bracelets that are made from high-grade brass and other metals and embellished with semi-precious gems, pearls, glass, and fabric.

Featured Bracelets:

If you want to take inspiration from some of the biggest fashion magazines in the industry today, then you may want to check out the Chloe + Isabel Modern Sculpted Bangle Set and Vintage Starburst Pin Bracelet, which are the same Chloe + Isabel bracelets featured in US Weekly and Glamour Magazine, respectively.


Accessorize a tube dress or a plain top with some collar and bib necklaces from Chloe + Isabel and welcome the holidays in style. If you want to be on the modest side, you can also choose from a wide-range of chain necklaces that feature fun and fashionable pendants or choose a statement pendant in a chain of silver, gold, or plain brass.

Featured Necklaces:

If you want a showstopper necklace for the coming holidays, then the Chloe + Isabel Multi Deco Stone Collar necklace is a must-have. Featured in US Weekly, this necklace features an array of clear crystals and gems in bold patterns amidst a thick gold extender with a signature c+I clasp. This is what you truly need for a winter-wonderland themed ensemble. Another featured necklace from Chloe + Isabel is their Multi-strand Torsade necklace that features multiple strands and an array of white pearls and clear crystals. This piece offers high fashion for a fraction of the price.

Whether you are looking for something simple or a bold statement necklace to complete your casual or dressy ensembles, Chloe + Isabel certainly does not disappoint in this department.


Whether it’s a simple pair of stud earrings, a pair of gorgeous drop-earrings or a gem-studded pair of chandeliers, Chloe + Isabel has something for all your accessorizing needs. Go bold with drop earrings featuring an array of different colored-gems or go classic with drop earrings featuring a classic design embedded with clear crystals. Follow modern-day trends and accessorize with the deco-fringe earrings or the sculpted curved metal stick earrings that come in both silver and gold.

Featured Earrings:

Get your favorite celebrities’ looks for less with the Chloe + Isabel Pave Crystal Wing earrings, featured on Glamour Magazine. You can also go classy but bold with their retro glam oversize button earrings or double the fun with the pearl stud and crystal drop earrings duo.


Cocktail rings can really make a statement whether for a casual day out or for an evening of glamour and Chloe + Isabel offers the best choices when it comes to rings. From classic deco rings featuring pearls and clear crystals to bold rings featuring fun designs like owls, monkeys, and snakes, there is certainly a lot that one can expect from Chloe + Isabel’s collection of rings. They also have two-finger rings in various designs and ring sets that you can stack together for that extra flair. From classic to modern, you will certainly stand out with whatever fashion statement ring you choose from Chloe + Isabel.

Chloe and Isabel is dedicated not only in delivering the best jewelry designs but also when it comes to delivering the best when it comes to quality and this is very much evident in the company’s lifetime guarantee. You can have your jewelry replaced in the event that it comes with a manufacturer’s defect or have any piece replaced within ninety days after purchase for free. For each purchase, you get a merchandise certificate to ensure top-quality service should you have any problems with your jewelry. If you want to get your hands on your own Chloe + Isabel collection, then contact a Chloe and Isabel merchandiser now and learn more about the company’s amazing products and shop to your heart’s desire.