Chloe + Isabel: Friends with Benefits

There’s nothing quite like welcoming a new company to the direct sales industry than with some great home parties to introduce them to the market. Home parties are just one among several venues where merchandisers can sell Chloe + Isabel jewelry and where consumers can buy these great pieces. If you want to earn some free Chloe + Isabel jewelry, then hosting a trunk show is certainly the best way to get some nice pieces to add to your collection. With a great jewelry line to choose pieces from, you will certainly end your trunk show with a big smile on your face.

How to Host a Chloe + Isabel Trunk Show

Chloe + Isabel trunk shows are flexible and fun, which makes for a great shopping environment. Spare your friends and family from overcrowded malls and a lot of walking by hosting a trunk show for Chloe + Isabel. Whether you want to host a show at home with a theme of your choice or you want to do it on-the-go with colleagues and friends; the venue, time, and theme of the show is up to you as the hostess.

Invite your friends over for coffee while your Chloe + Isabel merchandiser walks you through the many great products that the company has to offer or do it over Sunday brunch. If you’re in a party mood, you can always invite your girlfriends for a girls-night-in and introduce them to the glamorous world of Chloe + Isabel over wine or cocktails. With Chloe + Isabel trunk shows, the possibilities are endless.

So how do you go about hosting a trunk show? The process is anything but complicated. You simply have to contact a merchandiser near you and schedule a date for your trunk show. It’s that simple! After you have scheduled the date of your show, coordinate with your merchandiser regarding the venue and the theme of your party so you can both prepare for an evening of socializing and trying on great jewelry in the company of great women.

Chloe + Isabel Hostess Rewards Program

Chloe and Isabel never fails to show their appreciation to their friends and any woman can become a part of their “Friends with Benefits” program by hosting a trunk show. By hosting a party for Chloe + Isabel you get a ton of great rewards plus your friends will surely love you for introducing them to such a great line of products.

For hosting a trunk show, you get a chance to purchase any piece from the Chloe + Isabel collection at 50% off. If your trunk show makes a minimum of $350 in sales, you get a free hostess-exclusive jewelry piece. You can also earn a portion of your show’s sales in jewelry if you get a minimum of six individual orders from your party guests. You get 20% commission from your show’s sales in free jewelry, which will give you the chance to build your Chloe + Isabel jewelry collection without spending anything. Chloe + Isabel trunk shows are always fun for everyone so book your party now and get these great benefits all courtesy of Chloe + Isabel.

Other Chloe + Isabel Party Options

Chloe + Isabel trunk shows are a lot of fun but the company also knows that some women are just too busy to fit in a trunk show or two into their busy schedules. Since Chloe + Isabel is all about innovation, they also allow interested hostesses to host parties online. No need to leave your home or your office just to host a trunk show or attend one, as you can also avail of special hostess rewards just by hosting an online party. Just coordinate with a merchandiser and send your invitations electronically. Since each merchandiser gets a website, online parties are very much possible with the Chloe + Isabel marketing platform. You can even have your parties on for an entire week depending on your arrangement with your merchandiser.

If you want a more personal event, you can always host a trunk show on the go. Be it in the office with your co-workers or for a short lunch date out with friends, there is nothing that can stop you from hosting a trunk show and earning great rewards from Chloe + Isabel.

Chloe + Isabel epitomizes modern-day direct selling with the wide range of options that they offer both merchandisers and hostesses. Trunk shows are fun, exciting, and best of all, stress-free. So whether you want to be rid of stressful weekend shopping sprees at the mall or you just want to spend time with close friends and family while shopping for great jewelry, Chloe + Isabel trunk shows are certainly a great venue to have fun and unleash your fashionable side.