Sell Bcharmed Jewelry

If you are looking for a company that is new and fresh, then Bcharmed may be the perfect option for you. After over a year of planning and preparation, Bcharmed has finally opened its doors to direct selling consultants last June 2011. The company offers more than just great products, as they also offer a pretty attractive compensation plan for personal stylists. If you join Bcharmed, you have the advantage of being part of a company that is just at its startup stages, giving you a bigger venue for growth in the industry.

How to Become a Bcharmed Consultant

If you wish to be part of the newest direct selling company in the country, then you should sign up and join Bcharmed now. Becoming a Bcharmed stylist is actually quite easy and only takes a few minutes of your time. Simply find a Bcharmed Stylist and join Bcharmed through an existing stylist so you can be part of her team. There are a lot of reasons why you might enjoy becoming a personal stylist for a company like Bcharmed. The company may be very new but they offer a lot of quality and stylish pieces that cannot be found anywhere else. If you have a passion for jewelry, then Bcharmed is certainly a great venue for you to work on something that you love doing.

While some people may think that joining a new company can be risky, there really isn’t much that you should worry about with Bcharmed, as the company does not ask for a very large initial investment. You only have to pay for your starter kit and you get your initial supplies along with your business tools. When you join Bcharmed, you also have the advantage of introducing something new to your friends, family, and network of customers. As the company grows, so do you. You can build your network early on and keep a lot of loyal customers along the way. What Bcharmed offers their personal stylists is a chance to showcase some of the newest designs in jewelry while allowing their customers to personalize their own pieces to suit their preferences.

When you join Bcharmed, you are given an outlet to express your interests in the company of people who enjoy the same things as you do. Since Bcharmed was established by a group of direct selling experts, you shouldn’t have to worry about missing out on professional training and support.

Bcharmed Stylist Starter Kits and Packages

Bcharmed offers two types of starter kits so if you want to spend less initially, you can find a kit that would best suit your budget.

  1. The basic starter kit is made available for only $99 but it comes equipped with over $300 worth of Bcharmed products. This kit comes with a very special stylist necklace that you can use, 3 pieces of unique charms, 3 pieces of baubles, frills made out of quality sterling sliver, two types of stamped letter charms, 3 necklace chains, and one bracelet.
  2. If you are interested in starting big, then you can choose to purchase the dream kit for $199 when you join Bcharmed. This kit comes with a special stylist necklace, five pieces of charms, 5 baubles, 4 stamped charms, 4 necklaces, 1 bracelet, and a special carrier for your charms. The Bcharmed dream kit comes with over $650 worth of Bcharmed products, allowing you to earn more when you launch your very own Bcharmed business.

Both kits come with business tools that include a stylist manual, boutique invitations, order forms, business cards, catalogs, and discount coupons on Bcharmed Jewelry. When you join Bcharmed, you get to carry your products in style. You also get a special display showcase to help you present and sell Bcharmed products in true Bcharmed fashion.

The Bcharmed Compensation Plan

Bcharmed offers large income potential for Bcharmed stylists. When you join Bcharmed, you can initially earn 20% commissions on personal retail sales. There are eight leadership positions that you can be promoted to when you join Bcharmed, depending on your performance. Leadership levels and their commission rates are as follows; stylists earn 20% personal commissions, certified stylists earn 25% commission; lead stylists earn 26% commission; senior stylists earn 28% in personal commissions, Dream stylists earn 30%; and directors, executive directors, and dream directors all earn 32% in retail commissions. Certified stylists and above can also earn 5% bonuses if they reach $2000 worth of personal volume per month.

Aside from commissions on retail sales, you can also build your own team when you join Bcharmed. It is important to note that, the number of downlines and personal volume you have in a month is important to get promoted to top leadership levels.  Dream directors can have access to commission overrides from up to three generations of downlines. When you join Bcharmed, you also have access to tons of rewards and large discounts on Bcharmed products so if you love the products that you sell, you can certainly purchase a lot for yourself as well.

The best thing about being a Bcharmed stylist is that you get to manage your own schedule and sell your products through a weekly Bcharmed boutique party so you get to enjoy yourself while earning your own income. Bcharmed has certainly taken the direct selling industry by storm with their great products and equally great compensation plan for stylists.