Bcharmed Jewelry

Bcharmed may be a newcomer to the direct sales industry but they have already made a mark in the hearts of many with their remarkable jewelry pieces that seek to celebrate special moments, inspire the people who wear them, and be appreciated by those they are given to.

What Can You Expect from Bcharmed?

Jewelry has always been symbolic for a lot of people--- they are given during special occasions and are worn to accessorize and inspire people. Bcharmed Jewelry is unique because the company tries to create pieces that mean something to people and they try to be as much a part of people’s lives as the special occasions and relationships they symbolize. Be it a necklace pendant with a special message to symbolize or remind one of a special day or charm bracelets that inspire people to strive for the better or serve as good luck charms whenever one needs that extra dash of magic to accomplish something, Bcharmed has a lot to offer their customers.  Bcharmed jewelry are specially designed and created for every woman to enjoy. What sets Bcharmed jewelry apart from others is the fact that the company’s special team of designers always has the wearer in mind when designing each unique piece of jewelry and they also make sure that each piece is customizable to suit any occasion or any preference.

Bcharmed Products

Bcharmed offers a wide selection of jewelry pieces that one can customize with their own handpicked charms and trinkets.


Accent your favorite chain necklaces or bracelets with special Bcharmed charms. Choose among a wide selection of unique charms that you can use alone or alongside each other. Their monogram charms are a crowd favorite: choose a monogram charm with your initials or any letter that represents something or someone close to your heart and you can make it into a pendant or as an additional bracelet charm. You can also find fun and colorful Bcharmed charms that feature a variety of designs and symbols.


From sterling silver to stainless high-grade metal, Bcharmed Jewelry offers nothing but the best when it comes to their necklace chains. Whether you enjoy regular chain necklaces or stainless ball chains, you can choose a chain that would best suit your style and add your own personal touch by adding a locket pendant or a combination of charms. Create your very own Bcharmed jewelry and you won’t be disappointed with the number of options that you have.


Bcharmed Jewelry is perhaps most popular for their charm bracelets. Choose a silver chain of your choice and add a charm or two to highlight your interests or to symbolize a special day in your life. Bcharmed Jewelry also offers Swarovski bracelets in sterling silver if you are looking for something a little more sophisticated with a classic design.

From charm bracelets to crystal bracelets and classic pearl bracelets, you would certainly enjoy the wide array of bracelet options that Bcharmed Jewelry has to offer.


Who doesn’t love baubles? Add one or two to your favorite chain necklaces and bracelets and you can easily turn them into pieces that are worthy of everyone’s attention. Bcharmed jewelry offers locket baubles that allow you to place your favorite photo inside so you can attach it wherever you want.

Accent your bags, purses, or even mobile phones with charming baubles of pearl, wooden beads, silver tassels, or colorful round balls to make it more interesting and eye-catching, Choose a statement bauble and attach it to your keychain. Since they come with a detachable clasp, it’s easy to mix and match your collection of baubles when you feel like changing a thing or two about your favorite Bcharmed jewelry pieces.

Stamped Metals

Whether you want special messages engraved on your pendants or you want cupped letters of your initials, you will certainly enjoy stamped metals from Bcharmed. Have your messages stamped on high-quality sterling silver and use it as a pendant or as charms for your bracelet. Combine different stamped metals together to spell out your name or your initials and have them placed on a silver necklace or bracelet chain of your choice. Wear statement Bcharmed Jewelry pieces with words of appreciation, love, hope, and joy. These stamped metals from Bcharmed jewelry also serve as great gifts to friends and family during special occasions and holidays.

Bcharmed Frill Charms

Bcharmed Jewelry is also popular for their frills, which can be used with necklaces, baubles, and bracelets. Bcharmed offers a wide selection of frill charms that cater to different tastes and preferences. Whether you fancy a heart embellished with Swarovski crystals or a vintage pendant, you can always find a special frill from Bcharmed. 

Despite only having been in the industry for a few months, Bcharmed has already managed to attract the attention of many people to become Bcharmed consultants and sell Bcharmed jewelry. You can have access to the company’s amazing products by contacting a stylist so you can buy Bcharmed jewelry or by attending a Bcharmed boutique party nearby. Regardless of your personal style, you can be assured that Bcharmed jewelry always has something special in store for you.