Bcharmed Boutique Party

Interested in learning more about Bcharmed? Then why not host a Bcharmed boutique party and enjoy the many perks of being a Bcharmed boutique hostess.

How to Host a Bcharmed Boutique

There is perhaps no better way of learning more about a new direct sales company than by hosting a party at your home. It’s easy to fall in love with Bcharmed jewelry and if you’ve seen some of the amazing products that the company has to offer then you should know why this is so. Hosting a Bcharmed boutique will not only give you an opportunity to invite your family and friends over but you can also enjoy the many unique and wonderful pieces that Bcharmed has to offer.

If you want to host a Bcharmed boutique party, the quickest way to do so would be to contact a stylist. Bcharmed independent stylists are always ready to entertain hostesses and share with them what Bcharmed has to offer in terms of product base. If you know a stylist, then you only need to contact her and book a party on your desired date. However, if you don’t have a particular stylist in mind, you need not worry, as you can always book a Bcharmed boutique party through the company’s website. They will book an available stylist for your Bcharmed boutique party and all you need to do is invite your guests, prep up your home, and get ready for an afternoon of stylish fun with friends and family. At your Bcharmed boutique party, you and your guests can have your Bcharmed jewelry personalized right then and there. Plus, you get access to tons of hostess rewards just for hosting a Bcharmed boutique party at your home.

Bcharmed Boutique Party Hostess Rewards Program

The best thing about hosting a Bcharmed boutique party is the great rewards that await you afterwards. If your Bcharmed boutique party makes enough in party sales, you get access to a selection of free products plus large discounts on Bcharmed Jewelry. Below is a list of Bcharmed hostess rewards that you will be entitled to if your party makes the minimum required in sales:

  • Party sales of $150 to $299 will get you 10% worth of credits towards free Bcharmed jewelry plus a chance to purchase 1 Bcharmed item for half the price off.
  • If your Bcharmed boutique party makes $300 to $499 in party sales, you get 15% worth of Bcharmed credits and 2 items for half the price off.
  • Party sales of $500 to $999 will earn you 20% worth of free Bcharmed credits and three items at 50% off.
  • And if your Bcharmed boutique party makes $1000 and above in sales, you get as much as 25% of your party sales in free Bcharmed Jewelry pieces plus four items at half the price off.

Bcharmed wants to make all party hostesses feel special, which is why they offer an attractive hostess rewards program.  By enjoying yourself in the company of friends and family and charming them with attractive Bcharmed jewelry, you can earn a lot of great rewards in the process. If you end up really enjoying the company and its products, then you may also want to sign up to join Bcharmed as an independent stylist to get larger discounts on your personal purchases and a chance to earn your own income.

Bcharmed Party Options

Aside from Bcharmed home parties, the company also offers other venues for interested hostesses to earn great rewards. If you don’t have the time to host a Bcharmed boutique party at your home, then you can always turn to other party options.

If you travel a lot or you are always on your feet, then why not host a showcase boutique instead? Bcharmed showcase boutiques is the company’s version of a catalog party but instead of bringing a catalog with you, your Bcharmed independent stylist will provide your with a selection of some of the best jewelry that the company has to offer. Wear them and show them off to the people you interact with everyday and if you sell enough, you can still have access to Bcharmed’s hostess rewards program.

If you truly want to host a boutique but you simply can’t find the time for it, then a Bcharmed online boutique may just be party option you are looking for. Coordinate with your Bcharmed independent stylist, set a date, and invite your friends to check out your stylist’s website to shop for Bcharmed jewelry.

Regardless of your schedule and your availability, there is certainly a Bcharmed boutique party that is perfect for you. Just work closely with a stylist and you are just a few party sales away from earning your free Bcharmed jewelry.

A Bcharmed boutique is always fun and exciting for everyone. By hosting a Bcharmed party, you have a lot to gain and nothing to lose. Learn more about this new company and its amazing products and share the love with your friends and family through a Bcharmed boutique party.