Silpada Designs Products

The right accessories can turn a nice outfit into a true show-stopper, which is why the call for beautiful, unique sterling silver jewelry has never been more prominent. Silpada Designs, a popular direct sales jewelry company, has answered that call admirably. With an extensive line of sterling silver necklaces, bracelets, earrings, charms and more, they’ve given discerning buyers a treasure chest full of shimmering delights, all made with superior quality and backed with an unprecedented lifetime guarantee. Fans have fallen in love with Silpada Designs’ exclusive styles, coming back season after season for special editions and snapping up newly released pieces to wear.

Silpada Necklaces and Pendants

While some jewelry companies rest on their laurels, using only a single type of design or “feel,” Silpada thinks “outside the jewelry box” with pieces that range from simple, elegant drop pendants to luxurious loops of beaded fantasy, primed to turn a little black dress into a work of art. In addition to finished sterling silver necklaces, Silpada also offers an impressive array of charms that use beads, metalworking and semiprecious stones to turn a favorite chain into one worthy of a double-take. Whether your sense of style is more at home in the roaring 20’s or the modern era, you’ll find the perfect pendant for your tastes with Silpada Designs.

Silpada Earrings and Bracelets

Imagine - a delicate little glimmer that peeks out from beneath a chignon updo or from beneath a fluttering sleeve. The warmth of a big, bold style that’s perfectly at home in an artists’ studio. Both sides of the accessory spectrum find harmony in Silpada Designs’ range of jewelry, incorporating elegant, exclusive elements into each pair of earrings or silver bracelet. Familiar semiprecious stones like topaz, peridot and aquamarine make way for exotic newcomers like faceted pyrite and labradorite in Silpada bracelets and earrings, ideal on their own or when paired with a Silpada necklace or pendant.

Silpada Men’s and Children’s Jewelry

With Silpada, ladies don’t get to have all the fun - there’s plenty for everyone! Bracelets, necklaces, rings and watches make the perfect gift for a special gentleman, while just-for-kids necklaces and earrings are sure to delight young recipients. No matter who’s on your shopping list, you’ll find gorgeous jewelry in one convenient home party, online web page or glossy catalog when you shop with Silpada Designs - your source for beautiful, affordable sterling silver jewelry!

Silpada Designs FAQ

Silpada Designs has beautiful sterling silver jewelry for every price point in its ever-expanding collections. Simple designs in bracelets, charms and even rings start at $15, continuing to $100 and up for special edition and retiring pieces. Gift certificates are available for Silpada-loving - but hard to shop for - friends and family as well.
Silpada silver jewelry is available through independent representatives and their hosted parties, nationwide. To buy Silpada jewelry, simply contact your local representative to place an order, get information on parties happening near you, or to request a catalog or online link to shop from the comfort of your own home!