Pink Zebra Fragrance Products

Pink Zebra products deliver delightful scents in stylish and beautiful packages. From candles and wax sprinkles to reed diffusers and soaps, Pink Zebra is dedicated to bringing your favorite scents to you through products that you can easily use around the house. From old-time favorites to newly discovered fragrances, you are sure to fall in love with the lineup of fragrances that Pink Zebra has to offer. Having been founded by a couple who had decades of experience in the candle manufacturing industry, you can be assured that Pink Zebra continues to push forward innovation in candle-making while upholding high standards of quality. Excited to see what’s in store for this new candle direct sales company? Whether you are considering joining their business opportunity or you are just shopping around for new fragrances for your home, you are welcome to explore the different products that Pink Zebra offers.

The Pink Zebra Fragrance Collection

Pink Zebra Wax Sprinkles

Pink Zebra’s signature product is their wax sprinkles. Made from soft soy wax and combined with fragrance oils of the highest quality, these sprinkles can deliver more of your favorite fragrances compared to using regular candles. Pink Zebra offers dozens of delightful fragrances to cater to varying moods and preferences. Whether you want the smell of classic vanilla enveloping your entire room or you want a mixture of different floral scents or even the fruity scents of raspberry and the sumptuous fragrance of blueberry muffins, you can find your favorite scent from Pink Zebra’s sprinkle collection. In addition, Pink Zebra also releases seasonal scents to suit just about any occasion and time of year. Whether you want to use these sprinkles with a simmer pot or for creating your own candle, its up to you. To add to your delight, Pink Zebra sprinkles also come in a sweet pink bottle packaging, which can easily be opened and resealed to maintain the sprinkles’ fragrances.

Pink Zebra Simmer Pots

Pink Zebra’s simmer pots come in small and large sizes. The small pots come in three colors; olive green, ivory, and rustic red and large pots come in brown and ivory. All simmer pot designs feature intricate swirls with bronze accents encircling the entire pot. Pink Zebra simmer pots are electric and work in the same manner as candle warmers. They are used with Pink Zebra sprinkles. You can use one type of sprinkles for one solid fragrance or combine a bit of everything you love from Pink Zebra’s sprinkle collection to create a truly unique scent. Customize your fragrances whenever you feel like it.

Pink Zebra Candles

All Pink Zebra candles are made from premium soft soy wax, which deliver smooth and even burning all throughout. Pink Zebra offers a wide selection of candles. Their glimmer candles are a crowd favorite and can be customized with the use of sprinkles as well. The Glimmer candle kit comes with 3 wicks and one glass so you can simply choose your favorite scents from the sprinkle collection, pour into the glass, and add a wick to create a customized candle.

Pink Zebra also offer small and large glass container candles for those who want something more traditional. They also feature spa candle lanterns with three different scents for relaxation and stress relief.

Pink Zebra Reed Diffusers

Those who enjoy relaxing with their favorite aromatherapy fragrances after a long day’s work but do not want to deal with the fire hazards of an open flame might enjoy Pink Zebra’s reed diffusers. They come in one neat package and are very easy to use. Simply open the package and remove the top part to release their scents. Since Pink Zebra’s reed diffusers are resealable, you can use them over and over again until their scents are completely exhausted. These are great for places that don’t allow the use of candles such as residential buildings and offices.

Pink Zebra Kitchen Products

Aside from their candle and fragrance collections, Pink Zebra also features kitchen products infused with high-quality floral and herbal fragrances. From hand lotions and hand soaps to dish soaps, Pink Zebra takes care of all your kitchen and hand moisturizing needs. They also offer apothecary jars, sprinkles, and reed diffusers featuring the same delightful scents as their hand soaps and dish soaps. With Pink Zebra’s kitchen collection, you can have your entire kitchen, your plates, and as well as your hands smelling great all day.

Pink Zebra Candle Accessories

Pink Zebra also has a few accessories for candles and other products. Their black iron caddy is perfect for the kitchen or the bathroom and serves as a great container for your soaps and lotions. They also feature a reversible jeweled candleholder, which is not only beautifully designed but is functional as well. If you want to create more of your personalized sprinkle candles, Pink Zebra offers wick sets separately.

Candle companies may be a dime a dozen but what Pink Zebra has to offer when it comes to product line is truly one-of-a-kind. Featuring superior fragrances and high-quality soy wax candles, it comes as no surprise that Pink Zebra has quickly gained a remarkable reputation in the direct sales industry.