Join Pink Zebra

Candles are perhaps one of the best product lines to represent for anyone considering of venturing into direct sales. Candles and fragrances are very easy to sell especially in a party-plan setup, which is one of the most popular methods of direct selling today. This is why so many people are in the lookout for great ground floor opportunities from candle direct sales companies. Pink Zebra is one such company that offers interested direct sales consultants an attractive ground floor opportunity. The company specializes in candles and fragrances and despite being newly established as a direct sales company, its founders, Tom and Kelly Gaines, have had adequate experience in candle manufacturing. Since they had always wanted to deal directly with consumers, they saw it fit to launch their candle company in a direct sales party-plan format.

How to Become a Consultant for Pink Zebra

Pink Zebra offers a unique line of candles and fragrances, offering a new twist to scented candles and aromatherapy. All Pink Zebra candle products are made out of premium soft soy wax and are infused with the highest quality of fragrance oils. It is this superior product line and attention to quality that has attracted many people into joining Pink Zebra. If you are interested in their business opportunity and would like to represent the company as a direct sales consultant, then you might be glad to hear that the process of signing up is very simple. Since Pink Zebra employs a multi-level marketing framework, you need a sponsor to join. Simply contact a Pink Zebra consultant in your area. Once you have found a consultant you can work with, you can fill up the new consultant sign up form.

Pink Zebra prides itself with offering not only superior products but as well as a very attractive business opportunity. Their opportunity is perfect for those who are new to direct sales or those who want to join a new company with a competitive product base and attractive commissions.

Pink Zebra Starter Kits

After you have signed up with an existing Pink Zebra consultant, the next step is to choose your enrollment kit. Pink Zebra offers two options, which are suitable for varying needs and budgets:

  1. The Starter Enrollment Kit

    This kit is available to new consultants for only $99 and comes equipped with sample products, fragrance stickers, business supplies, and a special consultant box.
  2. Deluxe Enrollment kit

    The deluxe kit is offered for $199 and comes with over $375 worth of products. It also comes with business supplies such as brochures, sign up forms, party invitations, hostess sign up forms, and as well as product samples. Added to the deluxe enrollment kit is a special consultant purse featuring a zebra print design and accented with a pink lining and a well as a rolling bag also featuring a zebra print design with the Pink Zebra logo to carry all your product samples and business supplies in.

Aside from the starter kits, you also get your own personal Pink Zebra replicated e-commerce website, allowing you to easily advertise and sell your products online. Pink Zebra also offers new consultants with a quick start program. If you meet the sales requirements for the program within your first 90 days, you can earn as much as $1025 in free Pink Zebra products and up to $200 credit for your enrollment kit.

Pink Zebra Consultant Compensation Plan

Pink Zebra offers a very attractive compensation plan with a large potential for profit to consultants.

Personal Sales Commissions

All consultants can earn personal sales commissions of 25% to 35%, depending on total personal monthly sales. There is no minimum sales requirement to retain the rank of first level consultant but if you want to receive higher commissions, you must meet monthly sales requirements per commission rank. For monthly personal sales of $900 to $1999, you will be eligible for 30% commissions and for monthly sales of $2000 and above; you will be eligible for 35% of your personal retail sales, regardless of your rank.

Sponsoring Commissions

For each new consultant you personally sponsor into Pink Zebra, you will receive a 7% sponsoring bonus regardless of your rank. This is a great opportunity for those who want to start building a team.

You will also receive monthly downline commissions once you start building a team. Earn 2% to 3% downline commissions for each downline level. The higher you go up the leadership hierarchy, the more downline commissions you can earn. You can earn up to team level 4 and third generation downline commissions once you reach the rank of executive director and presidential director.

Leadership Commissions

Pink Zebra also offers a mentoring bonus of 2% for consultants with executive manager ranks and above. You will also be eligible for group bonuses and leadership commissions and awards once you climb up the leadership hierarchy for as long as you maintain or exceed the sales requirements for your rank.

Pink Zebra offers one of the most lucrative commission structures in the industry today. Whether you are a newcomer to the industry or you want to try your luck in a new company, Pink Zebra is certainly a great option.