Join Mialisia

Joining the home party sales industry is an incredibly lucrative prospect, but it can be hard to pick the right company to partner with. New, fresh ideas and interesting concepts are the easiest parties to drum up interest for, and Mialisia combines both beautifully. A modular jewelry concept, each piece of their Versastyle line is manufactured to combine and accent other collection pieces, allowing wearers to create many looks from as few as two pieces of Mialisia products. Visually and financially appealing, representatives have easy sales ahead of them, backed by a smart, efficient business framework that encourages ongoing success.

Exactly What You Need

Mialisia starter kits are intelligently diverse and carefully assembled to provide a new representative with all the tools they’ll need to hit the ground running. Two options ensure that representatives get just the right kit for their ambitions and goals, giving them a comfortable “launching pad” into their new career as a representative of Mialisia jewelry.

Basic Designer Kit

Priced at $199, the lowest tier is packed with tools to throw an amazing party and get attendees excited about trying the Versastyle jewelry collection. Necklace displays, catalogs, invitations, order forms and even a carry-all bag are tucked into each starter kit, giving even the curious beginner a chance to look super-professional. The lower-tier starter kit also includes Mialisia products, of course - reps will have 7 necklaces, 3 earring sets and 2 rings to show off to potential customers.

Complete Fashion Event Kit

Priced at $599, this higher-value kit offers an amazing $1600 worth of products, paperwork to drive sales and valuable business tools to keep your initial momentum going. A free year of a personalized Mialisia website enables a highly-motivated representative to sell both online and offline, doubling their reach. A whopping 23 necklaces, 7 pairs of earrings and 5 rings are packed into this high-value starter kit. In addition to more supplies, more products and a free website, new representatives that purchase the Complete Fashion Event Kit will also be listed in the Mialisia directory, providing them with valuable online sales leads in addition to their own marketing efforts.

Fashionista Rewards Program

The hostesses that open their homes to sales representatives are called “Fashionistas” in the world of Mialisia jewelry. These welcoming hostesses are rewarded handsomely for their help and cooperation under the company’s Fashionista Rewards Program, which offers both product credit and discounts. The level of sales at the hosted party determine the level of perks a hostess will receive, with higher total sales earning greater discounts and credit:

  • $250-499 total sales = 10% in jewelry credit + 50% off of 1 item
  • $500-$799 total sales = 15% in jewelry credit + 50% off of 2 items
  • $800+ total sales = 20% in jewelry credit + 75% off of 2 items

Encouraging others to host their own Mialisia parties also offers rewards for both the representative and hostess, which means that enthusiastic jewelry lovers can earn lots of beautiful Mialisia modular jewelry simply by chatting with friends.

Mialisia Jewelry FAQ

Mialisia is a home party sales company built around a fresh, fun modular jewelry concept. The line includes necklaces that can also be worn as bracelets, anklets and even belts with a connector piece. Fashion rings round out their Versastyle collection, which is available exclusively through representative-led parties and events.