Mialisia Jewelry Products

So what exactly does Mialisia have in store for you? Mialisia has created a line of jewelry that is fun, chic, and versatile. Jewelry that you can mix and match to create different styles depending on your mood and the occasion

Founded by Annelise Brown, a stay-at-home mom of four boys, Mialisia’s patent-pending versa-style jewelry is exactly what you need in your closet to add some stylish flair into any outfit. Annelise believes that women deserve to feel great and look great no matter what they do in life. Whether you’re a stay at home mom or a working professional, you deserve to look fabulous and chic! With this in mind, she created a patent-pending jewelry line that can be paired together to create different looks. Whether it’s a long necklace you want, some layered necklaces, a stylish choker, a fun bracelet, a chic belt, or even a sexy anklet to add some flair to your favorite pair of stilettos or flats, you can go for different looks with only two to three pieces of Mialisia jewelry. Imagine the possibilities!

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Mialisia’s versa-style jewelry concept allows you to change the look of your accessories from day to night, from corporate to casual to party with just a few adjustments. With Mialisia jewelry in your possession, you don’t need to run home to change your look and you certainly don’t need to carry several pieces of bulky jewelry, you simply need to tweak your Mialisia accessories a little bit.  You can create over 25 different styles with only 2 or 3 pieces of Mialisia jewelry! Doesn’t that sound like the accessory of your dreams? Imagine how much money you’ll save on accessories!

Mialisia Jewelry FAQ

The cost for Mialisia products varies by product, but earrings run between $15 and $30, while the popular "Versastyle" necklaces (which can be connected and used as bracelets, belts and anklets) range between $30 and $70 apiece. The affordable price range and combination possibilities make this jewelry line a great choice for fashion-forward women.
Mialisia, a patent-pending modular jewelry company, can only be purchased through company representatives, called Independent Designers. These Designers will typically hold home parties, online catalog parties or bring product to craft shows and other events to display and sell the products. If you'd like to purchase Mialisia jewelry, you can contact your local Designer to place an order.