Join the David Oreck Candle Company

David Oreck, the genius behind the Oreck Corporation and Oreck vacuum cleaners, has ventured into direct sales with his new candle company—the David Oreck Candle Company. Venturing into a multi-billion dollar industry with high consumer demand can only mean one thing for direct sales representatives and that is a new business opportunity that offers great potential for success.  You can be part of this new direct sales candle company that was founded by one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country by becoming a scent specialist for DOCC. 

How to Become a DOCC Scent Specialist

If you have always wanted to run your own business but you lack the necessary funds for capital and overhead costs, then becoming a scent specialist for DOCC might just be the key to your dreams. Joining the David Oreck Candle Company is easy. Just fill up the scent specialist sign up form. Once you have accomplished the sign-up process, you can start choosing a starter kit option that would best suit your needs.

Since the David Oreck Candle Company employs a single-level marketing approach, you can sign up with the company directly. You can secure the sign up form by sending a request to or you can also call 1-877-375-8441 to ask about the business opportunity and sign up.

DOCC Starter Kits

Since DOCC wants it to be easy for interested scent specialists to start their own candle business, they offer two starter kit options to cater to different budgets. You also get the option to earn a kit for free. Below are your available kit options:

Earn a Starter Kit for Free

If you want your own candle business but you don’t want to put out any initial investment, then you can earn your starter kit and launch your business with no expense at all. To be eligible for the basic introductory kit, you must be able to sell $350 worth of DOCC merchandise within your first 30 days as a scent specialist. If you don’t meet this goal, you need not worry, as you will only be charged the amount you are lacking in sales for your starter kit. You can also upgrade your free introductory kit to the Business Builder package for half the price off for as long as you upgrade within thirty days since you signed up.

Purchase the Basic Starter Kit

If you want to receive the starter kit right away, your best option would be to purchase it. The basic kit comes with a set of DOCC samples and as well as all the business supplies you need for your business. It comes with over $200 worth of samples and supplies but you can purchase it for only $99 plus the shipping fee of $19.95. You can also upgrade to the business builder kit within your first 30 days at 50% off if you decide you need more supplies.

Business Builder Starter Kit

This kit offers great value for your money, as you get over $400 worth of supplies. It is offered to new scent specialists for only $175 plus a shipping free of $19.95. The business builder kit comes with a full set of DOCC candle samples and business supplies to help you run a successful candle business.

Regardless of your budget, you can certainly find a starter kit package that would allow you to start your business without having to worry about financial constraints. DOCC offers you the opportunity to earn money while managing your own schedule without the expensive startup costs of building a business all on your own.

The DOCC Scent Specialist Compensation Plan

DOCC scent specialists earn 25% commissions on all their personal retail sales. Whether you want to sell your merchandise online, join trade fairs, or through person-to-person selling, you have the freedom to decide how you want to sell. A great way to sell a lot of merchandise all at once is through DOCC candle shows. Since the David Oreck Candle Company employs the party-plan marketing strategy, you can attend several candle shows in a week so that you can sell to groups of people at once instead of having to go from one person to another. You can also employ a combination of all these selling methods to make the most out of the company’s profit potential.

For decades, the name Oreck has been tantamount to superior quality. From home cleaning tools to candles, David Oreck has certainly proven that he can succeed in any industry. By becoming a scent specialist for the David Oreck Candle Company, you can be assured that you’ll be getting top-notch products and as well as superior business training to ensure your success in the direct sales industry. Offering a wide-selection of high-quality and aesthetically superior products, competitive commission rates, and a comprehensive business plan, the David Oreck Candle Company can easily be the key to financial freedom and success.