David Oreck Candles & Accessories

David Oreck is, no doubt, one of the most trusted household names in the country. Now that the company has ventured into candles and direct sales, one can expect nothing else but superior quality and top-notch service from this offshoot of the Oreck Corporation. The David Oreck Candle Company offers everything that candle lovers are looking for in anything candle and aromatherapy-related. All David Oreck candles and accessories are proudly made and distributed in the USA so you can be assured that each piece has been tried and tested for quality and superior performance.

David Oreck Candle Products

With over 35 different scents to choose from, consumers can expect to rediscover old favorites and as well as discover new ones from David Oreck. Consumers can also find different types of candles that would suit just about any need and occasion. Explore the delightful fragrances and wonderful products that David Oreck offers below:

  • Aromatherapy

    Simple in form and design, this two-wicked vase candle wax comes in a plain white frosted vase but don't let looks deceive you, as these candles can relax and rejuvenate you as you enjoy the various scents in this collection. From the relaxing scents of lavender and orange to the rejuvenating feeling that sandalwood and vanilla offers, you can find several scents from this collection to help you kick back and relax after a long and tiring day.

  • Vase, Jar, and Pot Candles

    Vase and jar candles are the perfect pieces to add to bedrooms and bathrooms, as they already come with a container, you can simply light them and enjoy their scents. The David Oreck Candle Company offers dozens of vase and jar candles that employ different fragrances and colors. From delightful and sweet floral scents to delectable desserts and the smell of freshly brewed coffee, you can find a lot of options from this collection. If you are looking for something that you can place outdoors, DOCC’s Citronella candles in ceramic pots are the perfect option.

  • Multi-Wick Bowls

    DOCC's Multi-Wick bowls are perfect for adding a relaxing ambience to any room. Since these candles come with four wicks, it not only lights up the place much better but it also spreads its scents much more efficiently. Having multiple wicks is also an advantage when it comes to ensuring an even and smooth burning process. With four different scents and colors to choose from, DOCC’s Multi-wick bowls can cater to varying tastes and preferences.

  • Pillar, Votive, and Tea light candles

    Pillars, votives, and tea lights are perhaps three of the most popular candle selections in the market. You can get all three of these selections in your favorite scents from the David Oreck Candle Company. Whether you are looking for the perfect set of Pillar candles for decorative and aromatherapy purposes or you want something to use with your favorite candle accessory, you can find a wide-range of pillars, votives, and tea lights from DOCC.

  • Odor Eliminators

    Looking for something to get rid of that musty scent in your room? When it comes to eliminating odors, candles are one of the best options, as they do not only perform this task much better than sprays but they also spread their fragrances much more efficiently than having to manually spray a room with freshener. DOCC Pure Air collection offers two selections of odor eliminators to take care of your needs.

Candle Warmers and Wax Meltables

Choose from 13 different candle warmer designs from the David Oreck Candle Company. Perfect for people who want every bit of the ambience and scents that candles have to offer but don’t want to deal with an open flame, these candle warmers certainly offer quite the alternative. DOCC also offers different wax meltable sets to use with your candle warmers. The company also features different wax meltables in various designs: from roses and hearts to bunnies and shells, DOCC takes aesthetics to an entirely new level with their wax designs.

Candle Accessories

With the wide selection of candle accessories that DOCC has to offer, they have proven that they specialize in more than just wax. From classic and elegant designs using clear glass with silver accents to rustic designs, DOCC’s candle accessories cater to a wide audience. Regardless of your personal preference in home décor, be it modern or classic, you can be sure to find something from David Oreck candles that would capture your attention. They also offer trays, candle bowls, goblet candle holders, and candle accessories embellished with intricate beaded designs that can easily be a conversation piece for your home each time you have guests over. The David Oreck Candle Company derives inspiration from different styles and trends in home décor and successfully incorporates such trends to their candle accessories.

David Oreck has proven that his enterprising skills go beyond vacuum cleaners and home cleaning tools, as he has also successfully created a candle company that surpasses consumer expectations and provides quality and aesthetics that are up to par with some of the pioneers in the candle making industry.