Join Close to My Heart

Close to My Heart has helped thousands of people achieve their dreams of financial independence in the fifteen years that the company has been around. Pursue your creative side while honing your skills as an entrepreneur by becoming a consultant for this successful direct sales company. Close to My Heart's consultant program offers a great window of opportunity for interested consultants to start an independent venture. Join Close to My Heart to sell great products and earn large monthly profits and attractive bonuses!

How to Become a Close to My Heart Consultant

Close to My Heart's consultant program is open to anyone who wants to join Close to My Heart. There are several ways to join the company: you can sign up directly through the company’s website, contact a consultant and join her team, or attend a Close to My Heart gathering and sign up there.

When you join Close to My Heart, you can start your own independent business away from the everyday pressures of the corporate world, manage your own working hours, and get maximum training and support from the company. Close to My Heart consultants are not treated like salespeople, as the company’s primary goal is to help out those who want to be able to start their own businesses but do not have the resources to do so. Instead of having to raise money for capital and overhead costs, you only need a very minimal amount at the onset to purchase your starter kit and you can easily double your initial investment within a week or two.

The company has had over a decade of experience in the direct sales industry so when you join Close to My Heart, there is also the added advantage of being trained by highly respected professionals. When you Join Close to My Heart, you can say goodbye to tight schedules and say hello to a more flexible one, giving you time to do the things that you love and spend more time with your family.

Close to my Heart Starter Kits and Add-On Collections

When you Join Close to My Heart, the first thing you need to do after you have signed up is to purchase the company’s starter kit, which is made available to new consultants for a very low price of $99.

The starter kit comes equipped with tons of Close to My Heart products and business tools, including but not limited to: complete sets of seasonal Idea books (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter), recruiting brochures, hostess brochures, order forms for both party hostesses and customers, Studio J brochures, order forms, and as well as membership cards, Close to My Heart stamps sets, special Acrylix stamp sets, cello bags, a faux leather album, inks in various colors, and a bunch of other products for your customers to enjoy. By purchasing the starter kit, you can immediately start your venture and sell Close to My Heart products at gatherings, shows, and even through one-on-one presentations.

If you want more product options when you start, you can also choose to purchase the optional add-on collections, which comes equipped with exclusive Close to My Heart products.

Your starter kit is your key to starting your own business so it is a requirement to purchase one when you join Close to My Heart. The company also offers monthly specials for new consultants so make sure to check what is available to you when you join Close to My Heart so you won’t miss these great promotions. When you join Close to My Heart this month, you get a chance to avail of a free add-on collection when you purchase your starter kit.

Close to My Heart Compensation Plan

There are several ways by which consultants can earn when they join Close to My Heart. The company offers unlimited income potential, as instead of offering a fixed commission on personal sales, you get a bigger percentage from your personal sales if you sell more. Commission on retail sales can range from 22% to 34%, depending on your monthly personal retail volume.

You can also earn commissions for sponsoring new consultants. You can earn 7% commission on first generation downlines and 2% on consultants sponsored by your direct downlines. Building a team also gives you an opportunity to earn team bonuses and get promoted to leadership positions, which will give you a better opportunity to earn more while leading your team. 

A host of great bonuses await top-performing consultants and leaders. All-expense paid vacations to premium destinations, free products, and monthly monetary bonuses are just some of the rewards that await consultants.

Close to My Heart has achieved success not only because of its founder’s admirable entrepreneurial spirit and amazing product base but also because of its consultants. The company believes that for success to be achieved in the direct sales industry, it is crucial to ensure that their consultants are happy and content. Close to My Heart consultants are all proud to be part of a company that prioritizes its members and its customers.