Close to My Heart Products

There is perhaps nothing quite like a handmade scrapbook to store all your fond memories in. Scrapbooking has always been a great venue to express one's creativity and with the right kind of materials, anyone can create a great scrapbook where photos and other memorabilia can be kept and preserved. As a company of art and scrapbooking materials, Close to My Heart is a firm believer of the creative potential in every person, which is why they have created such great Close to My Heart products for everyone to enjoy. Create personalized scrapbooks, letters, and greeting cards with the wide-range of Close to My Heart products that the company offers and show your family and friends that you care. You’d be amazed at how a simple handmade card can strengthen and build your personal relationships.

What to Expect from Close to My Heart

Close to My Heart products are fun, creative, and most of all, very personal. These products showcase works of art and special messages of love, hope, and faith that has become a source of inspiration for many people. You can create your own designs; add photos, and your own personal messages using their wide selection of special paper, rubber stamps, and creative embellishments.

Close to My Heart products are truly one-of-a-kind and they are a testament to the company’s dedication in providing creative art and scrapbooking materials for everyone to enjoy. From their papers and stamps up to the smallest decorative pieces that they offer, one can see that the company’s creative team put in a lot of attention into every small detail of their products. It is because of their high-regard for quality and detail that a lot of consumers choose to buy Close to My Heart products whenever they are in need of scrapbooking supplies. Consultants are also equally thrilled to sell Close to My Heart products because of the number of people that enjoy them.

Close to My Heart Products

Below are some exclusive Close to My Heart products that the company has become widely popular for:

Close to My Heart Rubber Stamps

There are rubber stamps and then there are Close to My Heart special acrylic stamps. These stamps are not just any regular stamps, as they are made from special high-quality polymer, which are not only superior to regular stamps in terms of durability but are also superior when it comes to ink and design transfer. They are also very easy to use and allows for better placement of the stamp marks on paper.

Close to My Heart stamp sets feature see-through stamps with blocks that make it easy for the user to place the stamp on a surface and see exactly how it will turn out. These Close to My Heart products are also packaged in great plastic box containers in the same sizes, making them easy to stack up on shelves. When you purchase these acrylic stamps, you also get to help out children in need, as a portion of Acrylix stamp set sales are donated to ‘Operation Smile’.

Close to My Hear Greeting Cards

With the use of Close to My Heart products, you never have to give loved ones a store-bought card again, as you can easily make personalized greeting cards for any occasion. Your friends and family will surely appreciate your handmade cards better, as they would know that every card you give truly comes from your heart. You can choose from 60 different colors of special paper, cardstock, and markers for your cards.

Purchase the Close to My Heart Cricut Electronic Cutter and choose from hundreds of shapes available to you at a press of a button. Just put in the special Cricut cartridges and punch away to create great shapes and great letter designs for your cards. Feel free to add more embellishments to make your cards even more special.

Close to My Heart Scrapbooking Supplies

Close to My Heart products for scrapbooking offers plenty of options for the scrapbook lover. The company offers virtually everything you need for scrapbooking. They have different sized papers with different colors and designs to accommodate your desired size for your scrapbook, thousands of small embellishments to personalize your works of art with, over 60 stamp ink colors, a personal cutter so you can easily make your own shapes, ribbons, scissors, colorful markers and to top it all off, they also offer a software program to make it easier for you to create scrapbooks. Studio J allows you to design your scrapbook layouts in just a few minutes. The program also makes it easier to add digital photos to your scrapbooks, as you can easily print them out in sets. By using Close to My Heart products, you can create unique and memorable scrapbooks that are worth showing off to everyone.

Close to My Heart has had over a decade of experience in producing scrapbooking and art materials so you can be assured that all Close to My Heart products have been tried and tested to be superior in quality and design.