Close to My Heart Gathering

Many women have had the pleasure to host a Close to My Heart gathering at their homes and have found it to be quite a fun and entertaining experience. Hosting a party with craft making and scrapbooking as the main entertainment could only mean hours of great fun especially for those who are great at arts and crafts. If you love scrapbooking, then you would certainly enjoy Close to My Heart and the best venue to get to know their products better would be to host your very own Close to My Heart gathering.

How to Host a Close to My Heart Party

One of the many goals of Close to My Heart aside from making successful entrepreneurs out of their consultants is to strengthen personal relationships and family ties. There is perhaps no better way to catch up with family and friends than by hosting a party at home. If you’re going to host a party anyway, why not make it a Close to My Heart gathering instead? By hosting a Close to My Heart gathering, you can earn tons of great rewards for opening your doors to Close to My Heart consultants and introducing the company and its products to your family and friends.

Hosting a Close to My Heart gathering is as easy as reaching for the phone to dial a consultant's number or visiting the company website to book a party. Your consultant will be in charge of bringing product samples and organizing product presentations and demonstrations to your guests so you can sit back and enjoy the show with the company of people you love. You simply have to send out invitations and create a guest list for your consultant before the day of your party.

Close to My Heart Gathering: Hostess Rewards Program

Close to my heart offers an attractive rewards program for hostesses. To be eligible for the hostess rewards program, a Close to My Heart gathering must reach at least the minimum requirement for party sales. For party sales of $150, you can receive $25 worth of free products. For sales of $250 to $349, you can get $40 in free products and get a chance to purchase one item from the hostess idea book for half the price off. Make $550 in party sales and you can earn $100 worth of free products plus two items at 50% off. Close to My Heart home parties that make a total of $1050 in party sales can earn hostesses $200 worth of free products plus a chance to purchase four special hostess items for half the price of its retail value. Free products include Close to My heart stamps, papers, inks, cards, and other great scrapbooking supplies that you can enjoy.

Close to My Heart hostess rewards program is truly a lucrative opportunity for hostesses, which is why a lot of women enjoy hosting a Close to My Heart gathering. Your party guests can also sign up for the hostess program by booking a date with the party consultant.

Close to My Heart Gathering Options

The great thing about Close to My Heart's product base is that you can sell them in a variety of methods and setups, making it easier to arrange events and gatherings without necessarily having to do it at your home. While Close to My Heart gathering options can vary significantly depending on your consultant and what they can accommodate, most consultants are very flexible with party options so the choices available to you are as abundant as your resources. If you don’t have the time to host a Close to My Heart gathering at your home, you can always opt to take your party online. There are various ways by which this can be done, just make sure to contact a consultant to discuss the necessary arrangements. A popular option among many hostesses and consultants these days are virtual parties, wherein people communicate through instant messaging, video calls, and video presentations. Under this kind of setup, Close to My Heart consultants will pitch in their product presentations through video and guests can simply watch and enjoy. After the presentation, guests can place in their orders and if the party makes enough in retail sales, it can be eligible for the hostess rewards program. This is a great way to earn rewards for those with tight schedules.

Regardless of the Close to My Heart gathering setup you want, you can easily make it happen by working closely with your party consultant. 

All in all, hosting a Close to My Heart gathering has proven to be a fun and profitable experience for many hostesses. Hosting a Close to My Heart gathering will also give you the opportunity to expand your network, as you also get to meet new people and if you end up really liking the company and its rewards system, you can book another party in the future or maybe even join and become a consultant yourself.