Sell Bella Shaye Jewelry

Even when clothing, housewares and makeup trends shift, chic fashion jewelry stands its ground in the direct sales marketplace. This endurance makes Bella Shaye fashion jewelry a fantastic opportunity for a budding direct sales business owner, or even a pro that would like to add another product line to their roster. With jewelry pieces that range from small and understated to party-ready glitzy, the Bella Shaye range has a lot to offer for the entrepreneur that values flexibility in their wares

The Bella Shaye Starter Kit

The most successful sales careers are built on a love of the product, which is why Bella Shaye offers its new high-tier representatives a unique proposal: they get to build their own starter kit. Rather than farming out the same handful of items to every rep, the top-level tier starter kits, priced at an affordable $189, instead feature a $700 credit for the buyer to select their own starter pieces. A second $139 tier, in which the bestselling pieces are included, is also available to those that prefer a “turnkey” startup. Both kits are packed with sales supplies like catalogs, a ring sizer, invitations and order forms, as well as information to pass on to potential hostesses and sales team members.

Start Up Perks

A solid head start helps win every race, and Bella Shaye representatives get a motivating boost through a series of starter perks. A 60% sample shopping spree enables a new rep to build her personal or demo collection, and an online sales portal makes selling to long-distance friends and relatives a breeze. Brisk sales will also gain new representatives access to an impressive $1,000 in item and cash bonuses during their first three months. With a great catalog selection, excellent home office and ongoing product support and high-value bonuses, Bella Shaye representatives are geared up for success before they even begin.

Ongoing “Big Business” Backend

Even the most dedicated sales representative benefits from a professional “look,” and nothing encourages effortless sales like a well-designed online sales portal and virtual catalog. Bella Shaye’s Club Bella program puts representatives in control of a backend business center that catalogs orders and allows them to customize their products and information to appeal to their customers. This valuable service is provided with both tiers of starter kits, as well as an a la carte option at $14.95 a month with a six month minimum for representatives that prefer a lean approach to direct sales. This sales portal and business center duo helps Bella Shaye sellers of all levels keep an eye and a hand on their growing business, reaching more customers and fostering a solid returning customer connection with party attendees.

With a low startup cost, an unprecedented opportunity to assemble your own demo kit, and all the trimmings needed to make a small venture look and feel like a much larger one, it’s little wonder that Bella Shaye is becoming a superstar in direct sales. Unlock your financial potential while helping women express their sense of style: sign up with Bella Shaye today and discover why their high-quality designs have taken the home party industry by storm.