Bella Shaye Products

Like the perfect little black dress, a favorite shade of lipstick or a pair of must-have shoes, fashionable jewelry is an accessory that makes looking and feeling your best a little easier. Bella Shaye is a home party sales company that brings the glitz and glam of a jewelry counter to a fun and social setting, offering attendees a chance to peek at fresh styles to find their own favorite piece to treasure. Sold through representatives at hostess-held home parties, the exclusive jewelry sold by Bella Shaye inspires second glances wherever it’s worn.

Beautiful and Inspiring Jewelry

While department store counters are laying out the same styles season after season, Bella Shaye keeps their catalog lines new and exciting to increase customer appeal. From garden party-inspired pendants adorned with flower silhouettes to simple and heartwarming charm necklaces, the company bucks the “single style” trend. This all-encompassing approach ensures that every woman can find a style that works perfectly with her favorite outfit - and maybe even a few daring new trinkets to try out too. From crisp metallics to color-drenched glass beading, a single catalog can fill any jewelry box to the brim.

The Bella Shaye Difference

The visual quality behind every piece of Bella Shaye jewelry is what sets it apart from off-the-rack styles. From the glimmering finish provided by plating that’s twice US or industry standard to the highest clarity cubic zirconias available, a bold style is only the tip of the glamorous iceberg for lucky jewelry lovers. These aren’t department store copies with a flashy tag, these are innovative, unique and compliment-worthy fashion statements that will virtually revolutionize your look. In addition, the company cares a great deal about long-term consumer love; an unprecedented warranty and repair/exchange/credit program means that a broken clasp never needs to be the end of a favorite necklace. This program adds a lot of value, proving that the rings, bracelets and other jewelry items that bear the Bella Shaye name really are designed with quality in mind.  

Sparkling Statements You’ll Love

Bella Shaye has you covered from head to toe - quite literally! Their premium jewelry lines encompass everything from toe rings and anklets to traditional pendants, bracelets and earrings. The company also appeals to niche customers that are passed over by other home party businesses, offering up twinkling navel rings, handsome men’s pieces and lifestyle items such as keychains and purses. With a product line that continually showcases hot new items in periodic catalogs, there’s no worry about digging through page after page of “stale” styles in search of a gem. Carefully curated to appeal to the modern jewelry enthusiast, Bella Shaye is changing the way women look at and wear their favorite jewelry.

A “diamond in the rough,” this cutting-edge jewelry company has a future as bright as their high-grade cubic zirconias, and enthusiastic fans are all too happy to keep them in the spotlight. If you’ve ever found yourself listlessly picking through your jewelry box and wishing for an “accessory makeover,” look no further than a Bella Shaye party to make it happen.

Bella Shaye Jewelry FAQ

One of the main points of attraction for Bella Shaye jewelry is their low price point. While different styles are priced according to their workmanship and materials, affordable options are available in every catalog collection. Earrings, for example, start at $12, and rings begin at $22, while lifestyle accessories like purses can be snagged for less than $20!
Bella Shaye is exclusively available through direct sales representatives and the official company website. To purchase Bella Shaye jewelry, simply contact your local representative to attend a party or order directly. You can also ask about hostess opportunities that enable you to earn great perks like discounts and free products for hosting a Bella Shaye party!