Making it Personal


Is your name spelled in a non-traditional way which makes it hard to find any souvenir while on vacation? My parents chose common first names for me and my siblings but decided to spell them slightly different to keep with their silly pattern. Doing so resulted in a lot of misspellings and never a pre-personalized item off the shelf.

When I was introduced to Thirty-One products back in 2012, I was first so amazed (and partially amused) with the fact that you could add your own custom lettering to many of the products. Not only could you choose your own spelling, but your own font and color too! This made my inner geek very happy and I could not wait to have my first product with my name on it.

Over the years as I switched from customer to consultant, I have always enjoyed ordering items with my own choice of personalization and also doing the same for others as gifts. I will never forget my son's 3rd grade teacher being head-over-heels for her holiday teacher gift embroidered with a simple "X" on it to represent her first initial. Usually, that's the last letter you find on the shelf when products come with lettering.

I have enjoyed being able to help my customers design totes, thermals and jewelry pieces to define them. In the past few years, the company has added dozens of new embroidery options to make your choices endless when it comes to adding lettering, icons, monograms, and more. Sometimes giving them the ability to make it "theirs" is what they really wanted all along.